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Amazon Now Offers Textbook Rental Service

Amazon introduced its new textbook rental service today, just in time for back-to-school season. Similar to other rental sites like Chegg and UW’s University Bookstore rentals, Amazon offers students the option to pay a fraction of the book’s cover price to borrow the book for 130 days (one semester). Students then send the books back, free of return shipping, in like-new condition. This service is a great idea for students who have a difficult time paying full price for textbooks, but need them for a course.

Textbook rental is nothing new, but a company like Amazon joining the market may change things for it in the near future. Amazon also currently offers eBook rentals, available for reading through their Kindle devices and apps.

New Kindle Leaves Rivals Farther Back

When Apple launched the iPad, many people said that it would be the demise of the e-reader. After all, the iPad has a color touch screen capable of multimedia compared to the monochrome e-ink Kindle which had no support for multimedia.

This week however, Amazon revealed more details on its new Kindle. (more…)