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Digital Media at The University of Washington Bothell

p1010764The University of Washington Bothell prides itself on being forward-thinking by integrating multimedia production education into a wide range of course curricula. Hands-on media production at UWB strengthens the connection between students and media to prepare them for the rising of demand in these fields, especially production and analysis of contemporary and future media.

Here are some examples of student work coming from Professor Jill Freidberg’s class in Post Production and Professor Sam Yum’s Advanced Media Production class. To see the projects, click the links below!

Professor Jill Freidberg’s Post Production Course:


Professor Sam Yum’s Advanced Media Production: “Our work in production is informed by theoretical and practical readings, as well as a review of a variety of visual texts – from still photography to digital video.” – Sam Yum


Digital Media Lab: A Media Oasis

Students in Digital Media LabHave you had a chance to check out UW2-121? It is the University of Washington Bothell’s Digital Media Lab!

Inside you will find twenty-four high-end audio, photo and video production machines. The Digital Media Lab, or DML for short, is an open computer lab, a tutoring space and a digital media classroom.

We offer in-class workshops for a number of different software titles such as Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro 7 and Audacity. Students can come in during our open lab hours to receive one-on-one help with pre and post production filmmaking techniques, Google Sites and an ever growing list of media production related software titles. Finally, the DML is a cool place to hang out and have fun!

Check out the DML website for more information at http://www.uwb.edu/learningtech/dml121.

Wait there’s more! UWB’s Digital Media Lab is expanding! We have received four new computers, located in the Open Computer Lab UW2-140, for audio, photo and video production.  Also, a new 6400dpi color scanner will be installed in the DML towards the end of the winter quarter.