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Free Educational Apps – Available Today

Now is your chance to download iPad apps that are normally on sale, but are free for a limited time. These educational apps are designed to help students with reading course documents and creating job resumes.

PDF- Scanner

The Smart PDF Scanner (regularly priced at $4.99) has a variety of different features to meet student scanning needs. This app allows students to scan documents even in poor lighting conditions. The app is designed to automatically detect the page edges. Smart PDF Scanner has an excellent tagging system, which helps students organize scanned documents under color-coded categories for easy browsing. If students need to share their scanned documents, Smart PDF Scanner allows students to export their scans in different formats, such as PDFs.


Resume Maker

Resume Maker is an iPad app that helps students easily create professionally looking resumes. The app is also available for free for a limited time (regularly priced at $2.99). The app provides students with a variety of beautiful pre-made resume and cover letter templates. Students can just add their own information. Resume Maker is also connected to LinkedIn, so resumes can instantly be imported to students LinkedIn profile.

With the help of these apps students are able to have a work space at the palm of their hand. These apps are free for a limited time. Enjoy!

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The Move to OneCampus

With technology constantly improving, Universities are trying to find ways to keep up with the change. The University of Hawaii is in the process of replacing its legacy portal with a new system called OneCampus. This system from rSmart, is a system that provides access to campus services from any device. At the University of Hawaii, this service connects its 55,000+  students and more than 8,000 faculty members with hundreds of different online services on all 10 campuses across all the islands.

Hae Okimoto, director of academic technologies, stated that the University needed an alternative solution that would meet the changing needs of the students and Universities. He also states that OneCampus is a great way to provide the users with a simple and mobile-friendly way to navigate the services.

OneCampus has features like a Google-like search and ratings and reviews that allow the administrators to see which features are being used and the satisfaction rate. The University can also share announcements such as an upcoming service outage and assign tasks to the campuses.

As the time to switch to OneCampus approaches, beta testers are continuously adding tasks to the system in advance for the full release.


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EDpuzzle Integrates with Google Classroom


EDpuzzle is a great program that helps students and professors create videos and customize them by editing, cropping, recording audio, and adding questions to make an engaging presentation or lesson.  EDpuzzle has even merged with Google Classroom. Now professors or students can automatically upload a finished video to the course of their choice. Classroom groups are listed in the top-up window. You simply select the class and assign your lesson. You can also upload videos from YouTube.

Professors are also about to track the progress of each student throughout the course. You are also able to see who watched the video, who didn’t understand the lesson, and who did a good job.

With a simple tool that doesn’t require heavy video editing knowledge everything is simple and easy to understand. With a click of a button your video is ready for your students or peers to watch. This program will enhance student learning with the help of technology.


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Merging Library and Information Technology

Hamilton College president, Joan Hinde Stewart, shared with Inside Higher Ed that she considers merging the library and information technology operations into one department. Most colleges keep their libraries and IT departments separate, but at many smaller colleges administers merge both departments in order to curb administrative costs. Other institutions view combining two departments with similar responsibilities as the best way to help serve their faculty members and students.

In February 1994, Gettysburg College considers itself one of the first colleges to move its IT staffers into the library. Creating a new department dubbed the Information Resources. The department only lasted for three and a half years due to different factors such as cramped accommodations, opposition from faculty members and an “unwieldy and unworkable” team structure.

Stewart shared the impact new technologies have on production; merging departments will be the way of the future. In 2002, Hamilton developed a strategic plan, which proposed renovating and expanding the library. The college librarian, Randy Ericson, announced his intention to 2011. In the final report, the committee believed the library should consider collaborating more closely with other departments on campus. For decades the Information Technology Services (ITS) was conveniently located in the library. The new department’s mission is to teach students how to use information and technology to prepare them for the world in which they’re going to live.

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Paper App

Taking notes is an important part of getting an education. This is a way for students to not only retain knowledge (through writing notes) and a way to look back on lesson information. Paper is an app that is available for iPhones and iPads through the iTunes App store. This app allows you to take notes to the next level.

The main idea behind this app is being able to organize ideas and courses into what they call “spaces”. With this, you can create an array of different notes which include a multitude of different graphics in which you can manipulate.

One of the features is adding a photo that you can take, or have taken and by using a precise stylus, you can spotlight details and make pen strokes on the photo. Underneath, you can put a note or caption of what the photo means or what the spotlight means. This app also has a multitude of ways to create diagrams. You can create shapes using continuous movement, draw lines and arrows by taping the blue arrows at the end of the lines, fill shapes by dragging the stylus to create a freeform fill (this is especially useful if you are trying to make a graph and want a filled area), and duplicate shapes.

All of these features allow for maximum note taking for students. You can go beyond normal words, but also duplicate important graphs or tables that the teacher had already created on the board. This app can also be a one stop shop as a planner of what you need to complete for your courses as it also has a feature to create to-do lists. All of this information is easily accessible through iPad and iPhones with a simple account.

On their website (www.fiftythree.com) they have a “pencil” or stylus, available to purchase.