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7 Things You Should Know About Ustream

Ustream is an interactive web streaming platform that lets users broadcast their own channels on the Ustream network or on a third-party website such as MySpace or Facebook. Ustream offers a platform for users to host events, promote their own shows, or set up interactive conversations with participants across the globe. Ustream’s broadcasting model offers an attractive new way for Internet broadcasters to connect with audiences, allowing dialogue between users and opportunities to build connections across the globe. Ustream gives faculty free, easy-to-use options for streaming video to geographically disparate audiences, and the service also introduces new frontiers for authentic assessment in the classroom.

Link: http://www.educause.edu/node/163294

Short and Sweet: Technology Shrinks the Lecture

Short and Sweet: Technology Shrinks the Lecture
Jeffrey Young

An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses how to optimize the effectiveness of online (and in-class) lectures by fragmenting them into smaller sections.

Link: http://chronicle.com/free/v54/i41/41a00901.htm

Wikis and Podcasts and Blogs!

Wikis and Podcasts and Blogs! Oh, My! What Is a Faculty Member Supposed to Do?
Patricia McGee and Veronica Diaz

Kim ponders: What is a faculty member supposed to do? She concludes that if today’s ninth-graders are using the same technologies that her current students are using, there will be even newer technologies for her to learn about soon. Although that thought is daunting, she would rather actively participate in the decisions being made regarding the institutional selection and support of emerging technologies than scramble to catch up after a new initiative has been implemented. In her last e-mail of the day, she asks her department chair: “What can we do today to ensure that decisions about technologies represent what students and faculty need and what best supports teaching and learning?”

Full PDF: http://www.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ERM0751.pdf
Link: http://www.educause.edu/library/erm0751

Evaluation of Podcasting

Research Projects
Catalyst / University of Washington

During the 2005-6 academic year, Classroom Support Services, Catalyst, Computing & Communications, and Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities worked together to pilot the use of podcasting in several large-lecture classes on the Seattle campus. Catalyst researchers developed an evaluation plan to learn how students used the podcasts and to capture student and instructor perspectives on the impacts of this technology on teaching and learning. Researchers are continuing to evaluate the ongoing implementation of podcasting on campus.

Selected papers and presentations:

Link: http://catalyst.washington.edu/research_development/research_projects/index.html