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Social media is not only a part of our social lives but professional as well. LinkedIn is a website and company that takes this idea of social media, but allows users to boast and explain their professional background and aspirations. Students should be getting connected to this online professional website to look for opportunities that they might not possibly get anywhere else. However, this website also has an app that is available in the Google Play, Apple, and Microsoft store for smart phones and tablets.

The reason why this app is innovative is because you can take your professionalism and opportunities on-the-go. The app allows you to message, view profiles, edit your own profile, and request/deny connections with other professionals. LinkedIn is the type of website that students rarely log into, however with the app you can have the same capability as using the website on your phone. You can opt to receive notifications when people view your profile, messages that you receive from other professionals, and when people request to connect with you.

Opportunities for professional growth are always available from a multitude of resources. LinkedIn is one of those resources that can help kick-start your career. Most internship applications will request your LinkedIn profile URL in order to scope out information that they might not have gotten from your resume or cover letter. Not only can people see your professional history and bio, LinkedIn allows other users to endorse other users on skills that they might have seen you use. Having a lot of endorsements can help you get an opportunity that professionals are looking for in an employee.


Evernote is an app is specially designed to help you with your organization skills with more than just notebooks. Users are able to add their own text, images, audio, scanned documents, files, and much more all on to Evernote. The files you enter are synchronized with all other devices you have Evernote on as well. It also provides its users with a powerful search engine that is able to recognize and locate text inside your files and images.

Users are saying that Evernote acts as their second brain, an “external brain” to be exact. Mainly because its capability of storing everything the user wants, into one easy accessible location. When using this app in groups you can share your work as well as comment on your own or another member’s work.

If you are worried that others cant find your work, you can simply use Evernote’s tagging feature. Tagging makes it easier for you to categorize your notes and simplifies the search for you as well as others who may be viewing.  Making it easier for you to stay organized and be able to locate your work at faster and more convenient pace. There is truly a lot that Evernote offers, to find out more about this app, download it today or click on the link above for more information.


Making Campuses Safer With Smartphones

Many campuses are developing apps to better improve the security of the students so that they wouldn’t have to rely solely on the blue light phones in fixed locations on campus, and will be able to use the communication and geo location features their smartphones have.

In response to a survey done by students at the Rochester Institute of Technology it was being said that they weren’t using technology to its fullest potential. Tony Yazback, a public safety investigator at RIT, met with Eric Irish who developed an app which was “user friendly” for students and staff. The app is known as TigerSafe.


There are three main functions to the app:

  • Inform: Displays tips and safety phone numbers
  • Report: Share GPS location through Google Maps and lets user call for help with noise complaints, escorts, lockouts, jump-starts, etc.
  • Assist: Communicate user’s location and contact details and dials into public safety personnel to continue conversation via phone or text

A student who had a seizure as well as a blind student who got lost were both able to use TigerSafe to get back to safety with the help of public safety personnel. Yazback is making sure that this app is advertised well throughout the campus by putting posters everywhere.

The University of Florida have has also been using a campus safety app called TapShield developed by a former student. The app has not yet been used for real emergency situations but has worked well in tests. The app also has a feature called “Yank” where it will send an alert when it senses that headphones have been pulled away forcibly from the smartphone. Unfortunately TapShield didn’t receive enough contracts with other campuses to keep the business going.

Northwest Missouri State University uses an app called CrisisManager that features information for what to do in the case of a fire, severe weather, evacuation or workplace violence. Emergency management coordinator Lt. Mike Ceperly stressed, however, that it was important that users familiarize themselves with the information of the app before an actual emergency occurs. Users would not want have to deal with navigating and finding info from the app in the middle of a crisis.

For more information on this topic, visit the article here.

Google Docs and Google Drive

There are a multitude of apps and software that help students collaborate and get their work done–one such app is Google Drive. Most people know that in addition to having a Google email account when you sign up, there is also a way for students and professionals to access the same capabilities as Microsoft Office Suites but entirely off the web. However, what makes this stand out is the fact that not only does it auto-save to your Google Drive (a way to store documents and files on the internet) but it also allows multiple people to edit the same document in real time.

This capability also allows for people to see who is editing and where by indicating a certain color to that user. This feature is something that you can take on the go with Google Docs. This app is available in the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads, Chrome Web Store for Windows phone or tablet users, and also in the Google Play store for Android users. This versatile app allows you to open any documents that you had made on a computer or create new documents. This app allows for a mobile and tablet friendly interface (as using the normal web browser version could be quite hard).

This app has all the capabilities of working with Google Docs. However, Google has also created an App called Google Docs that allows for editing of all of the other file types, such as a spreadsheet, forms, etc. In the Google Docs App it is only compatible with document type files.

With Google Drive, there are a multitude of options, such as backing up your videos and photos straight to your Google Drive. This can be accessed through any computer simply by logging into your Gmail account. You can also upload and share documents in real-time, on-the-go. This allows for students to successfully integrate and collaborate with their peers on more versatile and easy way. At any moment in the day can students answers questions, work on their assignments, collaborate with peers, turn in assignments by sharing it with their professor, and finally keep all of their work and education assignments all in one place with quick and easy access from any computer, tablet, or phone.

docs drive


WolframAlpha is a website that assists people with solving math problems that range from simple addition to calculus and beyond. Not only is this website programmed to solve almost any question, it also does it fast. If you subscribe to WolframAlpha Pro, you can get step-by-step solutions to any problem that you want computed. However, this comes with a fee of $6.00 a month, but if you are a student it is only $4.75 per month. Although WolframAlpha is a wonderful solver and can help student’s double check answers, it won’t help students learn what mistakes they had done without the step-by-step solutions.

However, WolframAlpha also has a mobile app for users of Apple, Android, Kindle and Windows devices. This app costs a one-time payment of $2.99. It also has the step-by-step solutions options integrated into the app already. This is a wonderful and quick resource that students can use to make sure their answers are correct and to see how to solve the problem as well. It is also a much cheaper option for students then the web WolframAlpha Pro subscription.

This app has a wide array of features. When typing in your math problem, there are double keyboards on top of each other to allow users to easily choose different symbols in addition to normal letter characters. It also has an option for people to input images to be analyzed for an additional price of $0.99.

WolframAlpha is not only used for math but also a wide arrange of other topics as well. On the app, there is a side bar option that takes you to the different types of solvers they provide. Examples such as: people & history, culture & media, art & design, Physics, chemistry and many others.

It also has a feature that remembers all your different inquiries that you typed in the solver. This is a perfect for students that want to go back and understand how to do a problem that they needed to be solved before.

Overall, WolframAlpha is not only an app that should be utilized by people in math or science based courses but also history and many other topics as well. It is a well-rounded app that can be utilized by anyone.


Visit the link above for more information about WolframAlpha.