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Five Key Tips to being a Successful Online Student

Introducing IMD at UWB 061413-2Students enrolled in online courses often find it difficult to balance their academic, social, and occupational lives. As such, we at UWB LT have created this list of five key tips on how to be a successful digital learner.

You may find that these steps are also useful for being a successful traditional student, but they are especially critical for online students to succeed. (more…)

Digital Distractions

The inclusion of technology in the classroom has shown to be beneficial in moving education forward. However, there has been a growing concern about how problematic digital devices can be when used for other reasons besides classwork.

In a study conducted by Douglas K. Duncan, Angel R. Hoekstra, and Bethany R. Wilcox from the University of Colorado, an undisclosed large state university in the western United States was put through a series of tests to determine if digital devices, specifically cell phones and laptops, were the cause of lower test grades and student performance.

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