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Introducing the Learning Technologies Video Tutorial Library

Here at UW Bothell Learning Technologies, we’ve produced dozens of video tutorials to help UW students, faculty and staff find their way around technologies like Canvas, UW Google Apps, Tegrity and more. Previously, all of the videos could only be found on the site among the written tutorial pages. In an effort to make our video selection more centralized and easier to browse, we’re introducing the Learning Technologies Video Tutorial Library!


The library–which will also be continuously updated as new content is published–features links to all Learning Technologies videos as well as the tutorial pages where they are embedded (provided the pages still exist). The videos are organized by the tool they are associated with, which you can quickly navigate from the shortcut links at the top of the page.

We hope that this will make the videos on our site easier to find and more convenient to anyone looking for help or interested in learning something new!

The iPads in Arts and Sciences Blog

iPads in A&S is a great blog dedicated to providing help, advice, and tutorials on using the iPad in an educational setting. The blog is run by the University of Alabama’s College of Arts and Sciences. Although some information is specific to the university and/or department, it’s still a very valuable tool and can help out with a variety of situations you and your iPad may get into:

As you may be able to tell, this site provides useful information to anyone from beginners to advanced iPad users. Check in every so often and learn something new!