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October UDAL Tip of the Month -My Kind of Writing

My UDAL tip of the month is the type of writing I like to do. I like to learn to use tools and help others to use them well, for the benefit of as many people as possible. I believe in content that is accessible to all, or at least to most people regardless of ability or learning preference. Universal Design for Active Learning (UDAL) is UW Bothell Universal Design initiative to promote awareness of universal accessibility and support student learning and engagement. We have a core group of people at UW Bothell from IT, Disability Resources for Student and Advancement who meet and discuss ways to spread awareness and make our campus better. At UW Bothell we have such wonderful people and culture, which remind me everyday how thankful I am to be here and be part of it.

I am in academia because I love making a positive difference. I love seeing the expressions of people when long awaited understanding finally arrive, feel the awe when achievement of a goal is accomplished. My hope is that the little tidbits I find and share are helpful to others.

Maximize Readability and Consistent Look/Feel in Documents

One of the ways to maximize readability and consistency in documents is by using built-in styles instead of just manually adding emphasis and changing font sizes. Whether you are creating a document in MS Office Word or in Canvas, heading levels, bullets and numbered lists provide an easy way to make your document readable, consistent and accessible to screen readers.

Some commonly used styles are:

  • Heading levels are marked as H1, H2, H3, etc. – These mark sections according to its order level within the document.
  • Bulleted lists – Used for unordered items
  • Numbered lists – Used for ordered items

Styles in MS Word

Styles, bulleted and numbered lists are located in the ribbon under the Home tab.

Ribbon - Home Tab - Styles in Microsoft Word 2016

Styles in Canvas

Style and formatting options are located in the Rich Text Editor. Header levels start at H2 because the name of the document is already set at H1 and are located under Paragraph drop-down menu.

Rich Text Editor Styles and sample formatted text

Welcome to UW Bothell Learning Technologies!

In this video, Andreas Brockhaus, Director of Learning Technologies at  UW Bothell and the UWB Learning Technology team introduce some of the services provided to support faculty and students.

Andreas Brockhaus, Joe Shelley and Ian Porter Awarded Worthington Innovation Fellows Award

Learning Technologies is pleased to announce that Andreas Brockhaus (Director of Learning Technologies), Joe Shelley (Director of IT Planning & Admin) and Ian Porter (UWBLT Learning Technologist) have been awarded the Worthington Innovation Fellows Award for their project proposal titled Untethered Teaching: A Pilot Project for Teaching With Mobile Computing Devices. Great work, everyone!


Left to right: Andreas Brockhaus, Ian Porter, & Joe Shelley

Untethered Teaching will be a year-long project that will examine the use of mobile devices in the classroom while determining best practices, challenges, implementation strategies, future steps, and overall value of the technology. The research team will work in collaboration with trained faculty to implement mobile devices into their curricula, then collect data via personal interviews and pre- and post-surveys. The final result will be a cost-benefit analysis, which will determine if implementing the technology formally and on a broader scale will be worth the costs and resources required.

This project, along with six others, are the first to ever receive this award. Established in February 2013, the Worthington Innovation Fellows Award provides funding and support to group or individual projects that “support the use of technology to enhance innovation across the campus”. The final findings from all projects will be presented at an on-campus public forum, such as the Chancellor’s Innovation Forum and the Teaching and Learning Symposium.

We look forward to the project’s findings in the coming year. Congratulations again to Andreas, Joe and Ian!

Click here for more information about the Worthington Innovation Fellows Award.

LT Site Analytics: May 2011

The Learning Technologies website analytics for the month of May are in! In total, 226 pages were viewed 6,493 times. At UWB LT, we are always interested in reading our site statistics to better understand how people are using the Learning Technologies website. Here are some things that stood out last month:

  • Our Blackboard page was the most viewed at 584 pageviews, 510 of them unique.
  • ePortfolio pages were very popular this month. The top 10 most visited pages included the pages for ePortfolios in general, ePortfolio Student Tutorials, Google Sites FAQ, and IAS ePortfolio Resources. We hope everyone who completed an ePortfolio this quarter enjoyed the experience and found our resources helpful!
  • The Digital Media Lab’s page spiked in popularity this month, moving from the 6th to the 2nd most viewed page. The page was viewed 429 times, nearly a hundred more than last month.
  • The average time spent on a page was 1 minute, 28 seconds. A whopping 5 seconds more than last month!

Thanks to everyone who visited our page last month- we hope you found our information helpful. Remember, if you need technology help, are looking for something on our site, or have any suggestions for us, feel free to send us an email at learningtech@uwb.edu.