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TED launches TED-Ed

Just last week, TED launched it’s new education initiative, TED-Ed on YouTube. For those not familiar with the organization, TED is a conference-turned-nonprofit that is well known on the internet for their 18-minute-or-less TED Talks–high quality videos of public speakers discussing “ideas worth spreading”. TED-Ed plans to zero in on education by working with teachers and animators to publish lessons, which are a fraction of the length of a TED Talk. According to their site, “TED-Ed’s mission is to capture and amplify the voices of great educators around the world.”

With that said, TED-Ed is also accepting nominations for educators and animators to work with the new initiative (you may nominate yourself). They are also accepting suggestions for future lessons.

Currently, there are 19 videos listed on the TED-Ed YouTube page. The categories include “Awesome Nature”, “How Things Work”, “Playing With Language”, “Questions No One (Yet) Knows the Answers To”, and “Inventions that Shaped History”. Fast Company reports that there has even been hints of interactive tools in the future.

Google Apps and Tools meet Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy


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YouTube Launches New Site for Teachers

Last week, YouTube introduced a new site specifically designed for teachers. The site’s purpose is to help educators incorporate educational YouTube videos into their lessons, maximizing student engagement. The site can be accessed at http://www.youtube.com/teachers.

If you are an educator, the site is definitely worth a look. Whether you’d like to publish your own videos on YouTube or create a playlist of additional course content for your students to view, YouTube Teachers can help with that. The site even has a resource list for both free and paid screencasting software, hardware, and video editing tools.

Many instructors are already using video–largely from YouTube–in the classroom. It’s great that YouTube is (at least aiming to) creating a community surrounding and supporting this. Stop by and check out their tips, resources and playlists!

Social Media Class Skypes with Internet Celebs

At the University of Wisconsin Whitewater, students enrolled in the course Social Media Optimization & the New Web learn and become “experts” on web applications such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends on the Internet by reading and thinking critically about the industry and reporting on the changes that are occurring.

An interesting part of the class is that students get to Skype with several industry leaders:

Craig Newmark – founder of Craigslist
David Meerman Scott – author of the New Rules of Marketing & PR
Guy Kawasaki – author of The Art of the Start
Zadi Diaz – host of Epic Fu
John Batelle – founder of Wired

Find out more at Inside Higher Ed: Social Media Class Skypes with Internet Celebs

Social Networking and Grades

According to a study done by student researchers at the University of New Hampshire, there is no correlation between the amount of time spent on social networking and the grades that students received. The study defined people with light social media usage as using social media for less than 31 minutes per day and heavy users were defined as having more than an hour use per day. Social media was defined as Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Check out the study at http://www.unh.edu/news/docs/UNHsocialmedia.pdf