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Roger Rosenblatt, MD, MPH, MFR
Professor and Vice Chair, Family Medicine
Director, RUOP
Medical Student Education Section
Family Medicine Research Section
Phone: (206) 685-1361

Biographical Information

Professor Rosenblatt has been at the University of Washington since his internship in 1971. He was first appointed to the faculty in 1977, and since then has been an active member of the School of Medicine and the School of Public Health. Before joining the faculty he was medical officer and Director of the federal National Health Service Corps for the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. He has been the Vice Chair of the Department of Family Medicine since 1985, serving as Acting Chair several times. Rosenblatt's main interests are in improving access to health services for all, and in improving environmental conditions to safeguard biodiversity and the health of all species that inhabit the earth.

Teaching Interests & Roles

Director- Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program (R/UOP)
The Rural/Underserved opportunities Program (R/UOP) is a four-week, elective immersion experience for students between their first and second years of medical school. Students participating in R/UOP work side-by-side with physicians in rural or urban underserved communities throughout Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho ( WWAMI ). Students are also encouraged to explore the communities during their four-week experience.

UCONJ 540, Environmental Change and Human Health: The Role of the Health Professional

Research Interests & Roles

Rural Health, Ecosystem Health, Health Workforce, Access to Care, Conservation and Human health

Current Projects

The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health

Shortages of Primary Care Physicians

Rural Health Care Access

Selected Publications

Rosenblatt RA, Chen FM, Lishner DM, Doescher MP. The future of family medicine and implications for rural primary care physician supply. Final Report #125. Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Aug 2010.

Doescher MP, Fordyce MA, Skillman SM, Jackson JE, Rosenblatt RA. Policy brief: persistent primary care health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) and health care access in rural America. Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Sep 2009.

Skillman SM, Doescher MP, Rosenblatt RA. Policy brief: threats to the future supply of rural registered nurses. Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Apr 2009.

Doescher MP, Skillman SM, Rosenblatt RA. Policy brief: the crisis in rural primary care. Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Apr 2009.

Lynge DC, Larson EH, Thompson MJ, Rosenblatt RA, Hart LG. A longitudinal analysis of the general surgery workforce in the United States, 1981-2005. Arch Surg. Apr 2008;143(4):345-350.

Rosenblatt RA, Hagopian A, Andrilla CHA, Hart LG. Will rural family medicine residency training survive? Fam Med. Nov-Dec 2006;38(10):705-711.

Rosenblatt RA, Andrilla CHA, Curtin T, Hart LG. Shortages of medical personnel at community health centers: implications for planned expansion. JAMA. Mar 1 2006;295(9):1042-1049.

Rosenblatt RA: Ecological Change and the Future of the Human Species: Can Physicians Make a Difference? Ann Fam Med 2005; 3: 173-176

Rosenblatt RA: A View from the periphery- Health care in rural America. NEJM 2004; 351:1049-1051.

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