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Meredith Fordyce, PhD
Research Scientist
Family Medicine Research Section
Phone: 206-543-6548

Biographical Information

Dr. Fordyce is a Research Scientist at the University of Washington's WWAMI Rural Health Research Center. She earned her doctorate at the University of Washington in Medical Geography and completed the Health Services Doctoral Opportunities Program in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. Through her work in the WWAMI RHRC, she has almost 20 years experience in rural health research. During this time Dr. Fordyce has worked on a wide array of projects dealing with such issues as maternal and child health, diabetes care, malpractice, access to anesthesia services, rural health workforce and the role of international medical graduates in rural areas. She was also involved in the development of the ZIP-level Rural-Urban Commuting Areas (RUCA) codes. Her most recent work describes national physician supply and distribution, concentrating on conditions in rural areas. She has expertise in working with large databases, projects with shifting levels of analysis, database design and definitions of rurality. Her research interests include rural health workforce policy issues and rural taxonomies.

Selected Publications

Chen F, Fordyce M, Andes S, Hart LG. Which medical schools produce rural physicians? A 15-year update. Acad Med. Apr 2010;85(4):594-598.

Chan L, Giardino N, Rubenfeld G, Baldwin LM, Fordyce MA, Hart LG. Geographic differences in use of home oxygen for obstructive lung disease: a national Medicare study. J Rural Health. Mar 2010;26(2):139-145. Access from Journal of Rural Health.

Doescher MP, Fordyce MA, Skillman SM, Jackson JE, Rosenblatt RA. Policy brief: persistent primary care health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) and health care access in rural America. Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Sep 2009.

Doescher MP, Fordyce MA, Skillman SM. Policy brief: the aging of the primary care physician workforce: are rural locations vulnerable? Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Jun 2009.

Thompson MJ, Hagopian A, Fordyce M, Hart LG. Do international medical graduates (IMGs) "fill the gap" in rural primary care in the United States? A national study. J Rural Health. Spring 2009;25(2):124-134. Access from Journal of Rural Health.

Chen FM, Fordyce MA, Andes S, Hart LG. U.S. rural physician workforce: analysis of medical school graduates from 1988-1997. Final Report #113. Seattle, WA: WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, University of Washington; Oct 2008.