Info for Students

2013-2014 Students: Welcome to the Family Medicine Clerkship!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the syllabus below prior to beginning their clerkship. During the clerkship, refer to the Assignment Tracker for all curricular responsibilities and timelines. Weekly updates of the Assignment Tracker is a requirement of the clerkship.

Link to UWSOM Student Handbook
UWSOM Student Handbook

Family Medicine Clerkship Syllabus

Assignment Tracker
Clerkship Assignment Tracker

Required Webinars
Family Medicine Clerkship webinar access information

Practice Exam and Final Exam
Questionmark Instructions (for logging onto online exams)
Final Exam instructions

Other Documents
Recipe for Family Medicine Clerkship Success
Absentee Policy
EHR Orientation Checklist
Orientation Webinar Slides
Guide to Identifying Student Mistreatment

American Family Physician(AFP) Readings
Register for FmCases, SIMPLE and CLIPP Cases (Click on Sign-in, then click on Register; if you haven't done so) Make sure to use your UW email.
FmCases, SIMPLE and CLIPP Cases link
FmCases, SIMPLE and CLIPP Content Area List

Evaluation Documents
Professionalism in the Family Medicine Clerkship
Feedback and Evaluation Form (Grade Anchors)
Grading Criteria
Grade Inquiry Form