Country Doctor Community Clinic

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The Country Doctor Community Clinic is one of several community health centers in Seattle. Located on Capitol Hill, this clinic has served low­income residents of the surrounding areas since 1971. Seven family practice physicians, and five nurse practitioners provide patient care at our clinic. The Clinic provides the full spectrum of Family Medicine care for a diverse patient population.

Language: Speaking Spanish is very helpful but certainly not required. We have an in­house Spanish interpreter at all times.

Satellite Sites: 

None (although there may be some OB follow up visits to area hospitals)


Country Doctor is located in the vibrant and eclectic Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, Washington. The neighborhood offers easy public transportation and bike access. The neighborhood is close to Lake Washington, the University of Washington, and downtown Seattle.

Common Clinic Patients: 

The clinic provides the full spectrum of Family Medicine care for a multi-ethnic patient population including a large number of Hispanic patients and patients infected with HIV. In addition to seeing patients in the clinic, the student will be involved in outreach activities with the Patient Support Services team.

A wide range of support services are available to patients at Country Doctor Community Clinic. The building next door to our clinic houses the HIV team, maternity support team, and diabetic nurse, in addition to referrals coordinator and some administrative offices.

On-Call Duties: 

You will have a primary preceptor during your 6 weeks with us, and you will work with 5 of us on a regular basis as preceptors. Your preceptors will be 5 of the following: Rich Kovar, Sarah Hufbauer, Mary Curiel, Sonja Olson, Tina Shereen, Katy Mayer and Matthew Logalbo who are Family Physicians; and Karen Johnson who is a Family Nurse Practitioner. Sonja is the Clerkship Coordinator; Rich is the Medical Director of Country Doctor Community Health Centers which includes Country Doctor Community Clinic (your clerkship site) and our sister site, Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center, and Sarah is the clinic director of the Country Doctor Clinic. Your primary preceptor will be orienting you and giving midpoint and end of clerkship evaluations/feedback. Sarah or Katy will begin your orientation on Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. Please come into the clinic and enter the front provider room to find one of them. You will then usually have your UW clerkship orientation webinar later that day or another day (the clerkship office will confirm with you when this is for your rotation).

Generally, clinic starts at 9 am and ends around 5:30 pm. You are expected to work nine half­ days a week, M­-F, with Wednesday afternoon being set aside as a “study day”. There are also evening and Saturday clinics that you can choose to work if you’d like to in exchange for having “off” one of your normally scheduled half­ days. It’s often a good idea to bring your lunch. There are also places to get a food or coffee nearby. No white coat is required. Patients are told that students will be involved in their care, and you should make a point of wearing your UW nametag and introduce yourself as a student physician working with us as part of your medical studies at the University of Washington.

OB Call
One night a week, you’ll also do OB call with Sarah, Rich, Sonja or Katy. Get a copy of the call schedule in your first day, so you can determine a day when one of us is on, and then let us know the afternoon or evening before, so we can include you in our rounding at Group Health Cooperative’s Family Beginnings Unit in the morning and any deliveries over the next 24 hours. It’s also a good idea to be “on call” for the individual pregnant patients you get to know at CDCC so that you can get in more Obstetrics experience. At the start of the rotation, you should ask Sarah or your primary preceptor for the list of Country Doctor pregnant patients, and mark down the names of the patients who are due during your rotation. You can then

Inpatient Medicine Call
One week of the clerkship, you’ll do medicine attending call with Rich or Sarah at Swedish Hospital First Hill campus which means you will round Monday­Friday with us and start clinic later on those days.

Formal Didactics Opportunities
During the rotation, you will need to schedule with each of the seven of us preceptors a short “didactics” session, where we sit down with you for about 20­30 minutes to cover a medical topic. Each of us has a specific topic to review with you, often regarding meaningful use of EMR, so pin them down early with a time to get that short session done to make it more worthwhile for you during the rotation.


Housing is not applicable. It is helpful to have access to a car but not necessary. We are located on the corner of 19th & Republican on the east slope of Capitol Hill. Please park about a block away, so that patients have access to the closest spaces. Our clinic is walkable from stops on bus #12, 43, 48, 8, and 10. From our clinic, Group Health is ½ mile, and Swedish is 1 ½ miles away. Directions are easy to find using a map application on the internet.


Some facts about the weather in Seattle

  • July is the average warmest month.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 96°F in 1994.
  • The average coolest month is December.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was 10°F in 1990.
  • The most precipitation on average occurs in November.