Family Medicine

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Site Details: 

Family Medicine Spokane is located in downtown Spokane, and is within walking distance of both Sacred Heart and Deaconess Medical Centers. The family medicine program includes 21 residents in the traditional track, three rural training track residents, nine physician faculty, two physician assistants, a pharmacologist, and a behavioral scientist. The clinic staff consists of two RNs and eight CMAs. Facilities within the clinic include an outpatient laboratory, geriatric assessment room, counseling room, three procedure rooms and large conference room.

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Spokane has a population of over 300,000 in the metro area and over 650,000 in the surrounding communities. Spokane is home to several nationally recognized universities and is well known for its parks and recreation (skiing, hiking, biking and river rafting).

Common Clinic Patients: 

Students can expect to see a mix of adults, children, pregnant patients, and geriatrics. The site also cares for low income, Russian speaking, and developmentally disabled adults as well.

Students will spend time in each of our "specialty" clinics, working with the specialists who come and see patients with the residents in the office. Nursing home rounds are not part of the student teaching at the site, but if you are interested, please contact the site coordinator. Students will also work with behavioral science faculty on their "behavior change" curriculum.

On-Call Duties: 

Students spend a week on the hospital inpatient service, rounding with the team in the morning. They return to clinic for the afternoon (unless something especially interesting is happening in the hospital.) During that week they are expected to take evening "home" call with the residents, usually 2 weekday evenings. They round during that weekend on Saturday and Sunday and take home call one of the two days. There is no overnight call. They may choose to attend the labor and birth of patients they meet in the clinic or on the hospital service, in which case they may choose to take overnight call for purposes of attending that birth.


Two bedroom apartment. Housing for students with spouses or partners is available but limited. At least six weeks notice is required. Children cannot be accommodated. No pets. Car required.


Some facts about the weather in Spokane

  • On average, the warmest month is July.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 108°F in 1928.
  • December is the average coolest month.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -30°F in 1888.
  • The most precipitation on average occurs in December.


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