Group Health Family Medicine Residency

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Clerkships at Group Health are coordinated by the Family Medicine Residency Program. Founded in 1969, the residency program at Group Health is a charter program involved in founding the American Board of Family Medicine. The residency reflects these origins, being centered in a non-profit health maintenance organization with a strong focus on Family Medicine providers offering a wide spectrum of care. Located in the Capitol Hill campus in Seattle, the program has 15 residents, 11 physician faculty, 2 behavioral science faculty, a pharmacist and nursing and administrative support staff. Clinic facilities include exam rooms, administrative offices, lab, minor surgery, medical library, and pharmacy.

Dr. John Gayman is the clerkship faculty coordinator. Supervision of the student clinical experience is by both third-year residents and residency faculty. The other faculty involved in teaching are Greg Allen, Dick Dobyns, John Gayman, Fred Heidrich, Cindy Lee, Michael Madwed, Tom Linde, and Sara Thompson, Carl Morris, and Jennifer Hook.
This clerkship site offers students an opportunity to be exposed to state-of-the-art resources including an evidence-based-medicine database, a nationally respected treatment guidelines developed from comprehensive, physician-led reviews of best-available research and EpicCare, our advanced electronic clinical information system which supports greater accessibility, coordination, and patient confidentiality system wide. A medical home model has been adapted and there is experience with virtual visits (email, telephone).

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The clinic is located in Seattle’s eclectic Capitol Hill neighborhood. Group Health has easy access to public transportation.

Common Clinic Patients: 

Students will see a racially, culturally and socio-economically diverse group of patients of all ages. Students work with both third-year residents and faculty members. In addition to family medicine clinics, students work in several multidisciplinary clinics: the teen pregnancy and parenting clinic, a well-child clinic and an HIV clinic; one half-day is spent visiting a nursing home.

On-Call Duties: 

Students are not scheduled for a set on-call schedule. On-call duties are related to potentially following an OB case.


Group Health Cooperative is easily accessible by several bus lines. Parking is provided at our Capitol Hill campus. Driving to off-site clinics and the Eastside Hospital is highly recommended.


Business casual is required. White jackets are optional, as are ties for men. Additional information will be forwarded prior to the rotation.


Some facts about the weather in Seattle

  • July is the average warmest month.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 96°F in 1994.
  • The average coolest month is December.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was 10°F in 1990.
  • The most precipitation on average occurs in November.


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