Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency

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Site Details: 

525 Lilly Road NE
Olympia, Washington 98506 Phone: 360.493.4041

SITE DIRECTOR: Gabrielle O’Sullivan, MD

The Practice/Hospital: Providence St. Peter Family Medicine Residency Program is a 21-resident program with 8 family physician faculty, a pediatrician, an obstetrician, 3 nurse practitioners, a pharmacist, and 2 behavioral scientists. The clerkship emphasizes the practice of family medicine in a patient centered medical home. Five weeks will be primarily outpatient. One week will include weekend call and hospital rounding with the inpatient Family Medicine team in the mornings and clinic in the afternoons. In the office the student is involved in our Adolescent Obstetrics Group Medical Visit, Diabetes or polypharmacy Group Visits, procedure clinic, colposcopy clinic, Nursing Home rounds, and home visits. In the hospital, the student is involved in medicine and pediatric admissions on the family medicine team, ER visits and obstetrical care. Students spend 3 or 4 days at a rural site. Didactics are available almost daily and students participate in our monthly workshops usually focusing on a hands-on skill or procedure.

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The Community: The city of Olympia, Washington (also the state capital and located in Thurston County)
has been named by “Money Magazine” and “USA Today” as one of America's most livable cities.

The population of Thurston County is 200,000 and growing. Compared to other urban centers, Thurston County is relatively free from big-­‐city problems such as traffic congestion, pollution and crime. State government is the largest employer. Education, forest products, construction, retail trade, the Port of Olympia, and light manufacturing are other major job providers. Providence St. Peter Hospital, with more than 1,500 employees, is the area's largest non-­‐governmental employer.

Thurston County has numerous golf courses, bicycle trails, lakes, saltwater marinas, outdoor sports facilities, and off-­‐road parks. The Pacific Ocean, Hood Canal, Olympic Peninsula, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. St. Helen are within easy driving distance and provide pleasant day trips or weekend getaways.

Common Clinic Patients: 

The site cares for a diverse population including low income and teen pregnancy patients. Most of the patients are English speaking, but the site also serves Hispanic and southeast Asian patients as well. In the office, the student is involved in our Adolescent Obstetrics Clinic and sometimes a Diabetes Group Visit or a poly pharmacy visit. In the hospital, the student is involved in medicine and family practice admissions, ER visits and obstetrical care. Students may also have an opportunity to do procedure clinic, colposcopy clinic, nursing home visits, home visits, and spend 3-4 days at a rural site.

On-Call Duties: 

In the Office: The student will spend most of their time seeing patients at St. Peter Family Medicine. You will be assigned to a faculty or R3 preceptor and see that preceptor's patients. You will be expected to make the first clinical contact in at least 120 patient examination encounters during the clerkship and will see an average of 3 patients per half-­‐day clinic. You will be expected to take the initial history, do a physical exam and develop an assessment and plan. The preceptor will then see the patient in all cases. You will then write your note in EPIC using the SOAP format and this will be reviewed and edited by the preceptor and signed. You will be exposed to patients in all age groups, including obstetrics. You are expected, with supervision, to act as the primary provider and include in your plan any necessary prescriptions, laboratory and radiologic studies, or consultations when indicated. You will also be responsible for history and physicals for clinic patients who require hospital admission.

In the Hospital: You will be supervised by the R2 on call and be involved in medicine or family medicine admissions, ER visits and obstetric care. Written H&P's will be reviewed and co-­‐signed by the resident. You are expected to present admissions at morning report the following morning and may follow those patients during their hospital stay, writing daily progress notes.

You will spend one week rounding in the hospital in the mornings on the Family Medicine Service. You will take one Sunday of call at the beginning of your rounding week and one weekday evening that same week.

Specialty Clinics: You may be involved in a number of specialty clinics. These may include: adolescent obstetrics, diabetes group visits, pediatric consult clinic, colposcopy clinic, procedure clinic and dermatology clinic.

Nursing Home: You will make at least one nursing home visit with faculty or R3.

Home Visit/Community Health: You may go on a home visit with a faculty member during your clerkship.


3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, two-­‐car garage, fully furnished, with linens and bedding, washer/dryer, microwave, dishwasher, furnished kitchen (no food), TV, fenced back yard, house has cable, wireless and printer. Students should bring personal clothes/item, personal computer/laptop and food. House is 5.85 miles, or 15-­‐16 minutes from St. Peter Hospital and 27.88 miles, or 38 minutes from Providence Centralia Hospital.

Horizon Point’s location offers many parks, walking trails, biking trails and a golf course. There are two grocery stores (Safeway and QFC) within one mile. Cutter's Point Coffee, Starbucks, DaddyO’s within one mile. Many food opportunities: Subway, Burger King, McDonalds, Mayan Family Restaurant, Farrelli’s Pizza, Hop Jack's, Papa Murphy.


Some facts about the weather in Olympia

  • On average, the warmest month is August.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 104°F in 1981.
  • On average, the coolest month is February.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -8°F in 1979.
  • November is the average wettest month.

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