Omak Clinic

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The clerkship is operated in a six-physician private practice that is affiliated with the Wenatchee Valley Clinic (WVC), a specialty center located 90 miles away in Wenatchee. The practice provides a new, cooperative model of health care delivery: family practitioners provide the primary care for the community and the WVC provides specialist referral and consultation services and CME on a regular basis in Omak.
The clerkship co-coordinator in Omak is Dr. Rob Weston. He is primarily responsible for student scheduling and administration in Omak. Students will also send two weeks in Tonasket. The clerkship co-coordinator, Dr. Justina Bolz, is responsible for the administrative and scheduling tasks at the Tonasket site. Other physicians who participate in student teaching are Drs. Robert Justus, Beth Avena, Cheryl Mallory, Linda Shields, and Steve Devenport - all family practitioners.

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Wenatchee Valley Clinic


Omak is a small community of 5,000. The principle economic base of the area is lumber, tourism, and agriculture.

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Two-bedroom apartment. Spouses and families can be accommodated with advance notice. Laundry available on site. No pets. Car required. Bicycle is helpful as well.


Some facts about the weather in Omak

  • On average, the warmest month is July.
  • The highest recorded temperature was 109°F in 1939.
  • December is the average coolest month.
  • The lowest recorded temperature was -26°F in 1950.
  • December is the average wettest month.

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