Academic Offerings

Family Medicine Preceptorships (FAMED 501, FAMED 502)

The introductory family medicine preceptorship offers a great way for first and second years to see what it is like to be a family doctor. Family Medicine 501 is offered each quarter and draws preceptors from a variety of practice settings and locations. Family Medicine 502 is a longitudinal preceptorship designed to be taken in 2 or 3 quarters, allowing students to develop deeper relationships with preceptors and have more opportunities to witness continuing care with the same patients. Look for an email about enrollment 6-8 weeks before each quarter. For more information please contact the preceptorship coordinator, Ivan Henson (, for more information.

Family Medicine Non-Clinical Selectives (Seattle, WWAMI)

Medical students are required to take a minimum of four non-clinical selective credits during the first two years of medical school. Non-clinical selectives are a great way to explore family medicine related topics in more depth. Seattle students can pick from a variety of selectives offered through the Family Medicine Department, while WWAMI students can choose from an assortment of topics including those that will interest students considering a career in family medicine.

Family Medicine Required Clerkship

For more information about the required family medicine clerkship, please visit their website.

WWAMI Rural Integrated Training Experience (WRITE)

The WRITE program is a 20-week medical clinical training experience for a pre-selected group of third year students. Visit their website for more information, or see this program overview.

Family Medicine Sub-Internships (Sub-I's)

A sub-I in family medicine allows students to participate on an inpatient family medicine team with an advanced degree of independence and responsibility compared to a third year clinical rotation. Rotations take place at one of the WWAMI regional affiliated Family Medicine Residency Network programs. Please see our page for 3rd Years to learn more about Sub-I scheduling and benefits.

Family Medicine Electives

The Department of Family Medicine offers many other electives to choose from. You can view a complete list of course offerings here. For more information on scheduling/choosing electives, please see the appropriate section of our page for 3rd Years.