Art in Family Medicine Project


Call for submissions!

It’s that time of year again! The new school year is getting geared up to start soon and the Family Medicine office is once again calling on its students, staff, faculty, and anyone else associated with Family Med to submit their brilliant works of art!

Every year, Family Medicine: Medical Student Education hosts an Open House to introduce students to our office. To keep our walls fun and interesting we also display the winners of our Art in Family Medicine contest. Share your vision and
involvement in Family Med with us!

If you have an eye for photography or a knack for sketching or painting, you should submit your 2D artwork to the Family Medicine office to be considered for viewing at our open house. You may also opt to have your work donated to the WAFP
auction, which raises funds for the WAFP (a big supporter of the UW FMIG).

If you think you have the perfect snapshots to share, send them our way!

Contact Information

Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD
FMIG Program Faculty
(206) 543-9425 :: HSB E-304

Ivan Henson
FMIG Program Coordinator
(206) 543-9425 :: HSB E-304