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Montana WWAMI TRUST Program
Lisa Benzel, Director
60 Cloudnine Lane
Dillon, MT 59725
(406) 660-0246,

Dear TRUST Scholars,

Limited funds are available to support travel to national conferences for TRUST students. To request a travel award please provide the following:
1. A letter to the TRUST Scholars Committee explaining your interest in attending a conference, and describing how it relates to and will enhance your experience as a TRUST student
2. Information about or a link to a the conference you wish to attend
3. A budget with your expected costs (registration, travel, and lodging)
a. Students should check for special student registration rates, and ask for conference or state rates when reserving lodging

Getting Reimbursed
Students must complete a TRUST Scholar Travel Invoice, accompanied by mileage verification (Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.) and/or original airline receipts, hotel receipts, and conference registration. Invoice and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of travel.

The following is a list of documents (receipts should be original) Scholars must submit when requesting reimbursement:
• Travel Invoice
• Mileage
• Airline receipt (if applicable)
• Lodging receipt
• Shuttle receipts (if applicable)
• Conference Registration (if applicable)

To request reimbursement for travel to and from your Montana TRUST site, please submit the following:
• MT TRUST Scholars Travel Invoice (completed with pertinent information)
• Google or MapQuest map
• Gas receipts (original receipts required)
• Completed IRS W-9 form (if you have not already submitted one with an earlier reimbursement).
• Invoice and receipts must be submitted within 30 days of travel.

MT TRUST Scholars Travel Invoice

Last updated September 2014.