The TRUST Continuum

TRUST's primary goal is to foster and prepare selected medical students for rural practice. This diagram illustrates how the TRUST curriculum is a continuum, selecting students from, training them in, and returning them to the appropriate communities. Move your mouse over each phase of the curriculum for more information.

A PDF version of this information is also available: Overall TRUST Curriculum Handout


R/UOE Year One R/UOP Year Two
Admissions Year Three
Rural Communities Residency Year Four

Rural/Underserved Continuity Communities

TRUST aspires to take students from rural or underserved communities, nurture a connection and return the physician back for practice.



Students apply to the UWSOM and are admitted as TRUST Scholars via a separate admissions process.


TRUST First Summer Experience

Rural/Underserved Continuity
Community Experience (7-14 days)

Underserved Pathway

Year One

Continuity Community Visits

Underserved Pathway

Rural Health Course 1

Summer After Year One

Rural/Underserved Opportunities Program - RUOP
(4 weeks)

Continue Continuity Community Linkages

Continuity Community Oriented
Scholarly Project

Year Two

Continue Continuity Community Linkages

Underserved Pathway

Rural Health Course 2

Year Three

Conintue Continuity Community Linkages

Underserved Pathway

WWAMI Rural Integrated Training
Experience - WRITE
(18 - 22+ weeks)

Year Four

Continue Continuity Community Linkages

Underserved Pathway

Rural Clinical Elective

Residency Linkages


TRUST graduates choose Primary Care residency programs or selected specialties that practice in rural or underserved settings.

TRUST works to develop close connections with regional residency programs.

Continue Continuity Community Linkages