ARTE Student Module 2 - Understanding the Process of Care

Student Exercises – Understanding Clinical Thinking

  1. List three reasons why a doctor might do a physical examination on a patient with chest pain without performing all of the steps you memorized for ICM cardiovascular examination? Frame a question to ask the doctor about the way he conducted the examination.

  2. Recall a patient you have seen recently that presented complex or challenging problems that involved the care of several physicians. Did all the physicians have the same initial diagnosis and treatment plan? Did they list the patient’s problems in the same order of priority? Which were closest to your own conclusions about the patient? Why the variation about one patient?

  3. With a patient you see in the office – or with a fellow student, resident or faculty physician – practice “thinking out loud” about your process of diagnosis and patient management. How might it change the interaction, the process and the resulting decisions?

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