University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency, Cheyenne

Cheyenne, WY

The University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency Program at Cheyenne is a fully accredited, unopposed, community hospital-based program with an emphasis on developing the “Best All-Around” physicians who prefer to practice medicine in rural and frontier locations. Excellent training is provided with our clinical faculty providing educational opportunities in a wide range of family medicine experiences. Training experiences will occur in various settings in the surrounding Cheyenne, WY community to include the main Family Medicine Center clinic, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center which has received certification as a regional Trauma Center, the Cheyenne Veterans Administration Medical Center, local physician offices, and nursing homes within the surrounding community. A strength of our program is our "hands on" approach in allowing residents to obtain advanced procedural training in colonoscopies, flexible sigmoidoscopies, colposcopys, EGD, and general surgery.

A Team Approach
The team approach to provide ongoing quality medical and health care is utilized at our family medicine center. Each team includes a full-time faculty family physician team leader, one nurse, and nine residents (three from each year of training). Additional support staff includes one medical technologist, one radiological technologist, two full-time faculty clinical pharmacists, a full-time social worker, a part-time behavioral scientist, a part-time geriatritionist, one part-time surgeon one medical librarian and several clerical and administrative support staff members. A key component of this program is the hands-on approach to a multitude of medical practice management concepts which will be presented throughout your educational experience and presented formally during noon conferences by faculty and various administrative and clinic team members. This team approach enables the residents to learn to apply the skills, talents, and services of other allied health professionals.

Patient Care
All staff members are committed to providing the highest quality patient care which serves as the Family Medicine Center's operational foundation. First year residents have scheduled patient visits at the main clinic one two half-days each week, second year residents are scheduled to see patients three half-days each week, and third year residents see patients four half-days each week. Residents will provide continued care for their "assigned" patients both in the outpatient and inpatient settings and afforded a great deal of support in their efforts to do so. The faculty and residents conduct frequent home visits and nursing home visits on their own assigned patients.

Procedural Training
Resident education includes training in a variety of inpatient and outpatient procedures that will prepare them to be the Best All-Around. At the main clinic, residents will have many hands-on opportunities to learn and practice the following skills: colposcopy, EGD, exercise stress testing, vasectomy, colonoscopy, casting, lesion removal, cryosurgery, LEEP, OB ultrasound, other minor surgical procedures, ACLS, ATLS, and neonatal resuscitation.

Noon Conferences
Regularly scheduled conferences are problem-oriented, seminar/discussions which cover the scope of Family Medicine. Conferences are held five hours per week over the noon hour. Monthly, 2-hour workshops are conducted to cover topics in a more in-depth fashion. Faculty members and other medical professionals from the surrounding community will develop and present various health care topics during these conferences.

Family Medicine residents are encouraged but not required to produce an original research work, with a preferred focus on the delivery of health care services. Residents will also have the opportunity to work with faculty members on various on-going projects. Services are available to provide the support needed for conducting a wide variety of research projects.

For further information about the program and community, contact:

University of Wyoming
Family medicine Residency at Cheyenne

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