Madigan Family Medicine Residency

Tacoma, Washington

Madigan Army Medical Center (MAMC) is a 204 bed teaching hospital located south of the city of Tacoma, Washington on the Fort Lewis Military Reservation. The center provides comprehensive medical care to military, retired personnel and dependents in and around the Tacoma, Olympia, and Seattle area. In addition, specialized treatment is provided to patients referred or transferred from outlying Armed Forces hospitals and dispensaries.

The Department of Family Medicine is located in a modern 24,000 square foot clinic in the Ambulatory Care Section of the hospital. The clinic is fully equipped with a computer assisted documentation system, electronic mail, internet access, and a radiographic retrieval system. The clinic is also equipped with minor procedure, flexible sigmoidoscopy, ENT, and colposcopy suites. The goal of the Family Medicine Residency Training Program is the training of a family physician who is prepared to provide comprehensive and continuous primary care to all age groups of both sexes in either a military or civilian setting. To achieve this goal, the following aspects of training are emphasized:

  • To impress upon each resident that the responsible practice of medicine is a lifelong learning process and the residency years merely represent a continuum of this process between medical school and practice.
  • To instill a holistic approach in the care and management of patients.
  • To develop a healthy, self-critical, self-evaluation attitude.
  • Acceptance of the wider range of responsibilities (i.e., health aspects of large troop units, tactical and logistical aspects of military medicine) of Family Medicine in the military setting as compared to a civilian setting.
  • Understanding that a family practitioner is but one member of a health care team.
  • Commitment to patient education.
  • Recognition that for the overall well being of any individual physician, he or she must lead a full and stable life and indulge in activities outside the realm of medicine.

For more information:
Madigan Army Medical Center
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