Montana Family Medicine Residency

Billings, Montana

This residency program was established in 1996. The program is committed to training family medicine physicians who will make a vital difference in the lives of our citizens and in our communities, emphasizing skills needed to practice in rural and remote areas.

The Montana Family Medicine Residency is located in Billings and serves as the teaching site for all residents. Eight residents per year complete training at this program. Residents have well-established, successful physicians as role models.

The benefits and opportunities available to new physicians who choose to train at the Montana Family Medicine Residency Program are numerous. The program offers residents the ability to experience various aspects of rural medicine, as well as the opportunity to train in quality medical facilities. The Billings medical community serves a local population base of over 250,000 with two large referral hospitals. We offer a Wilderness Medicine Fellowship for interested residents and we also have a Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Pure water, clean air, sunny days and a healthy and safe environment offer an uncommonly high quality of life. Recreational opportunities abound throughout the year, but it is our people and our friendly attitude that will captivate you.

Further requests for information about the residency, the community and the application process should be directed to:

123 S. 27th Street, Suite B
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: (406)247-3306
Fax: (406)247-3307

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