Puget Sound Family Medicine

Bremerton, Washington
Puget Sound Family Medicine Naval Hospital is located on the Kitsap Peninsula where Olympic and Cascade mountains accentuate the beauty of the area. The mission of Naval Hospital is to meet the healthcare needs of the fleet and all eligible beneficiaries in our area of responsibility, and to provide Graduate Medical Education for Family Practice Interns and Residents.

Military medicine has long and distinguished history in Bremerton. The Puget Sound Family Medicine Naval Hospital is the principal U.S. Navy inpatient medical treatment facility in the Pacific Northwest. It supports many local commands with varying locations, including Indian Island, Bangor Submarine Base, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Naval Undersea Engineering Station Keyport and Naval Station Everett, Washington.

The Family Medicine Training program was re-established in August 1989. Puget Sound Family Medicine Residency (PSFMR) is a three-year GME program leading to board certification. The program is accredited for six positions at each post-graduate year level. Possessing a rural medicine focus, PSFMR is strongly clinically-oriented, with an emphasis on a balanced approach to training that involves all of the major medical disciplines. The goal of the training program is to produce outstanding family physicians capable of addressing the needs of Navy families anywhere in the world. All of our residents are active duty and have obligated service to the military.

Further requests for information about the residency, the community, and the application process should be directed to:

Naval Hospital
Boone Road
Bremerton, WA 98312-1898
Phone: (360) 475-4339
web: http://www.med.navy.mil/sites/nhbrem/Patients/Pages/FamilyMedicine.aspx