Providence St. Peter Hospital

Olympia, Washington

The Providence St. Peter Hospital Family Medicine Residency program has been in existence since 1991 and we have 18 residents. Our purpose is to train family physicians for the health-care of individuals, their families and communities for the 21st century. The training program provides a special focus on preparing competent and compassionate family physicians for rural and smaller communities in our region.

Vision Statement

We strive to be a premiere Patient Centered Medical Home, teaching and modeling a continuous and supportive relationship between our patients and their health care team.


The Providence St. Peter Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program shares a vision of excellence in education, patient care, and workplace environment by educating family physicians to provide comprehensive, cost-effective healthcare in a competent and caring manner by:

  • Equipping family physicians to understand and meet the distinctive needs of individuals and their families in small town and underserved communities in Southwest Washington
  • Providing the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare to our patients and their families in our model practice, St. Peter Family Medicine
  • Integrating all aspects of the total person in personal healthcare physical, social, emotional, cultural and spiritual
  • Creating and maintaining a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals who provide patient care through partnerships with our patients, hospital and healthcare community
  • Developing a work environment that shows respect for all, collaboration, and employee development, and promoting a healthy balance between the professional and personal life of each individual.

Program Focus

The Providence St. Peter Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program, the only residency program sponsored by Providence St. Peter Hospital, trains family physicians who have the knowledge, technical skills and attitude to become and remain competent and happy in the practice of their profession. We emphasize training for practice in small town areas, and include a strong obstetrics curriculum. Promoting personal and professional balance in our lives is a focus of our training. We offer a unique combination of tertiary care center and community hospital, serving a growing population in the five-county area of Southwest Washington. This combined role affords residents a breadth of experience, which is not available in other settings. Our goal is to provide residents experience in treating people of all ages, and a mix of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Family Medicine Clinic

The family medicine center is the heart of our program. Faculty and residents provide 32,000 clinic visits per year. The FMC is located on the Providence St. Peter Hospital campus, a two-minute walk from the hospital. The center was designed especially for the residency program so it is oriented toward teaching and includes a fully functional electronic health record. Patient care is divided into health care teams, each with a nurses' station, cluster of exam rooms and treatment room. The lab has been designed for teaching basic office lab procedures. Generous conference room space is present on the same floor of the building. All other ancillary services are available in the hospital, including radiology, pharmacy, physical therapy and an excellent medical library. Ongoing teaching clinics in special areas such as flexible sigmoidoscopy, adolescent OB, dermatology, gynecology, vasectomy, colposcopy and HIV consultation clinic occur regularly in the family medicine center.

The patient population of the residency draws from all segments of the surrounding area of 250,000 including: low income patients, Medicare and Medicaid patients, and those enrolled in private insurance groups including managed care plans.

We strive to provide high quality, innovative care to all of our patients. Residents function as associate partners in the FMC throughout their three years in the program. First year residents see patients 1-2 half days per week; second year residents average 3-4 half days per week, in a more longitudinalized curriculum. Third year residents practice in the FMC regularly except for specific longitudinal experiences, week-long mini-rotations and one rural practice month. Our family practice inpatient service and after-hours call are managed by the R3 class.

Curriculum / Rotations

The curriculum is designed to provide residents with a solid background in all areas of family medicine. Most required rotations take place at Providence St. Peter Hospital and within the local medical community. We have chosen to take advantage of the Pediatric ER available at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Tacoma (30 miles north); small town and rural sites for family practice experience are commutable from Olympia. More specific details of curriculum content and rotations can be made available.

Our behavioral science curriculum is primarily a longitudinal experience, which emphasizes ready access to the behavioral science and family medicine faculty for consultation in the office. It also includes a bimonthly didactic program, psychiatry consultation clinics, co-therapy sessions and videotaping resident interviews. Sensitivity to the resident's needs during the stresses of residency training is also given a high priority.

Faculty Highlights

The current faculty consists of seven family practice physicians, a pediatrician, one OB/GYN faculty, a social worker, and four nurse practitioners. There is a great deal of teaching provided by community physicians in both the inpatient and FMC setting.
Further requests for information about the residency, the community, and the application process should be directed to:

Family Medicine Residency Program
525 Lilly Road NE/PBP-9
Olympia, WA 98506
Phone: (360) 493-4002