Swedish First Hill Family Residency

Seattle, Washington

Ballard Community Health Geriatric Medicine Track
Downtown Family Medicine Geriatric Medicine Fellowship
Swedish Family Medicine-FH Obstetrics Fellowship

The Swedish Family Medicine Residency - First Hill program is dedicated to creating an environment where residents can reach their full potential as family medicine physicians. Our core values are outstanding resident education, quality patient care, teamwork, and intellectual and professional growth.

From its origins as a pioneer program in 1970, the residency has remained dedicated to the objectives of its training mission. Our goal is to provide the best educational environment to maximize the residents’ opportunity to achieve their full potential as family physicians. Our mission is to prepare physicians to be leaders in the practice of comprehensive, compassionate family medicine of the highest quality. Our vision is to be recognized nationally as a program noted for its leadership training, its innovative and humane approaches to resident education and patient care, and its commitment to patient-centered, evidence-based, community-oriented family medicine.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Promote family medicine as a unique specialty providing broad primary care skills focusing on the family as a social unit.
  • Prepare physicians for practice in rural, urban, or suburban communities.
  • Offer experience in obstetrics and emergency care to meet the special needs of practice in isolated communities.
  • Provide a training track in community family medicine for residents interested in serving the medically underserved through an affiliation with the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health.
  • Train physicians to work in group practice.
  • Train physicians to work in the context of a collaborative team of consultants and allied health workers.
  • Provide a system of practice evaluation and continuing education, which will serve the changing requirements of family medicine.
  • Train physicians to be adept in utilizing medical applications of computer technology.
  • Demonstrate a model of practice providing optimal care to the patients of the family medicine clinics.

Swedish Family Medicine, located on the First Hill campus, serves as the continuity clinic where 18 residents (6 residents per year) and most faculty have their clinical practices. Patients of all races, ages and demographic characteristics are cared for in the clinic. The office has about 20,000 patient visits per year. The full spectrum of family medicine is provided, including newborn and well child care, adolescent care, obstetrics, common office procedures (vasectomy, flexible sigmoidoscopy, colposcopy, spirometry, and orthopedic procedures), adult and geriatric care. The clinic has a full time social worker and part time pharmacist. The clinic has its own medical records and appointment desk, billing office, clinical lab, procedure clinic, x-ray facilities, u/s clinic, and staff of registered nurses experienced in ambulatory care and residency teaching. The program’s two clinical psychologists provide teaching, patient care and physician consultation. Teaching consultations from specialists in orthopedics, pediatrics, podiatry, psychiatry and gynecology are scheduled on a regular basis in the family medicine clinic.

We are excited to announce the opening of a new satellite clinic in the Ballard community in NW Seattle. Swedish Medical Center - Ballard, has long been the community’s center of care with a robust group of primary care practices in the neighborhood. The residency site on campus will be open in March of 2009.

The site will be a 6 resident satellite program that will utilize the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PC-MH) Model. Swedish has designated this clinic as its pilot site for the new PC-MH. This model consists of a patient-centered, evidence-based, team-directed model of care that comprehensively addresses the needs of the patient with quality at its core.

Three experienced faculty members will provide leadership and teaching on site. One unique feature of this clinic will be the focus on the “medical homeless”. We are engaged with Medicaid, Medicare, private payors and donors to develop a sustainable financial model to care for underserved patients. With the broad diversity of patients within our region, the clinic will serve a wide variety of cultural and ethnic communities. We see this site as being at the forefront of the coming revolution in Family Medicine.

Downtown Family Medicine (DFM) is another training track available to Swedish residents. Two residents per year (6 residents total) see continuity patients at this clinic located within the Downtown Public Health Service Center at Fourth and Blanchard. Residents who match at Downtown Family Medicine have their continuity clinics in a unique setting designed to provide care to Seattle’s medically indigent. Within the scope of the Health Department's multiple services, a comprehensive approach to patient care is offered. Nurse practitioners, public health nurses, nutritionists, social workers, medical interpreters, dentists, travel nurses, refugee screening nurses, pharmacists and WIC clinic staff all work with residents to build a multi-disciplinary collaborative model of patient care. The patient population at DFM is a diverse group of people including refugees from Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Africa and Eastern Europe, as well as homeless people, unemployed persons and working poor individuals.

Geriatric Medicine Fellowship: Swedish Family Medicine provides an accredited one year fellowhip in geriatrics, Advanced Training in Geriatrics, culminating in the certificate of added qualifications in geriatrics sponsored by the American Board of Family Medicine. The missioin of this fellowship is to provide clinical training across the continuum of care in geriatric medicine and to foster leadership skills for academic careers teaching family medicine and geriatrics. Admission of qualified applicants is by a competivie selection with applications due by November 1st of the year preceeding training. Admission is also available through our unique geriatrics track. Family medicine residency applicants who match at any of the Swedish Family Medicine at First Hill training sites can choose a 4 year training program that leads to board certification in family medicine and the certificate of added qualifications in geriatrics.

Obstetrics Fellowship: In 2003, Swedish Family Medicine Residency started an Obstetrics fellowship. This one-year post-graduate fellowship is a collaborative effort between Swedish Medical Center's two family medicine residency programs, First Hill and Providence, and the perinatologists on the First Hill campus. Training emphasizes care of the high-risk mother and child, including operative OB and newborn resuscitation. The prime goal of the fellowship is to prepare family physicians for practice in underserved areas where operative and high-risk OB skills are necessary.

Family medicine is constantly evolving. The need to incorporate new knowledge, techniques and practice into the professional performance of its graduates is addressed through curricular modifications. Residents and faculty together participate in the identification of learning needs and the implementation of strategies to accomplish the program objectives. This joint responsibility reaffirms the principle that post-graduate education is a fluid process where the educator and the learner establish the priorities and set the course. The more than 230 graduates of the residency are the products of this joint effort and are evidence that the residency has been true to its mission. Swedish is proud of the ongoing personal and professional achievements of its graduates.

Further requests for information about the residency, the community, and the application process should be directed to:


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