U.S. Rotations


PeaceHealth Medical Group - Craig, Alaska

May is an excellent time to visit Alaska as it is the beginning of Spring and logging season which offers a variety of interesting patient situations to work with. The Pharmacy generally has a student rotation in May which could allow for a “buddy” opportunity. We are offering a three to four week rotation and PeaceHealth will cover expenses including Travel (air fare/any necessary ferry expenses/ground transportation to and from airport), resident housing, access to a car and a daily budget for meals based on IRS Guidelines. PeaceHealth will also cover the Medical Resident Application fee.

Application Form: (allow 60-90 days for processing)

- Hours of operation are 08:00 – 17:00 Monday - Friday
- There is a slim possibility of call once per week at the nearby Native medical clinic which provides limited after hours services
- The clinic operates somewhat like an urgent care facility as there are frequent same day appointments and walk-ins. They see various injuries related to the fishing/logging industries mainly in the summer months. There isn’t a hospital on Prince of Wales so individuals who need to be medevaced to Ketchikan or Seattle for a higher level of care will typically wait 1 ½ hours, sometimes longer depending on weather.
- The average amount of patients per day is 10 – 15 and Dr. Ballard does a fair amount of prenatal care
- The Patient demographic consists mainly of resource developed industries such as fishing and logging with a high percentage of Native Alaskans. Prince of Wales is the third largest island in the U.S. and is quite spread out. The people represent a variety of unique lifestyles due to remoteness, particularly on the north end of the island. They see a variety of patients- pediatric thru elderly, some with very complex histories.

This elective rotation is open to 2nd and 3rd year Residents who meet the following criteria:

• Have not yet signed an employment contract
• Would consider frontier healthcare
• Interest in exploring the possibility of working and residing in rural Alaska
. #32317

Mammoth Clinic - Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Come work and train in Yellowstone National Park at Mammoth Clinic in Fort Yellowstone. Mammoth Clinic practices 'Park Medicine' -- a combination of urgent care, preventative care and occupational health for visitors, residents, and employees of the 2.2 million acre national gem. Month long summer rotation slots, May through August, are available for Family Medicine Residents For more information contact Dr. Joseph Keel at: joseph.keel@medcor.com. #32317

Madigan Army Medical Center - Tacoma, Washington

A four-week elective rotation is available at Madigan Army Medical Center. Rotations are offered throughout the year as requested to any junior/senior (R2/R3 or above) resident who has an interest in teaching Faculty Development topics from the following core content areas: teaching, leadership and management, research and scholarly activity, and curriculum design. Call/clinic/shifts/OR days will be determined by the resident's Program Director. Residents should have at least 60% of their time available to complete elective requirements and attend teaching sessions. However, we can adjust the rotation requirements per resident availability and their particular academic interests. For more details contact Dr. Douglas M. Maurer at: douglas.maurer@us.army.mil. #32289

Southwest Rotation - Butte, Montana

A 4 week rotation open to 2nd and 3rd year residents of any ACGME accredited Family Medicine or Pediatrics program is currently available. This semi-rural area of Southwest Montana has limited access to tertiary care centers and subspecialists and relies heavily on primary care providers to manage complex disease processes and patient issues that are rarely seen in subspecialty practices. Residents are expected to complete a 40 hour work week as they would in the normal residency setting. The rotation offers inpatient and outpatient opportunities in pediatrics, adult medicine, family medicine and OB. St. James Healthcare and the St. James Healthcare Foundation will help by providing: the cost of obtaining a Limited Temporary Resident Certificate (Resident License), housing at no cost to resident, and travel allowance up to $600.00. For more information, contact Serena Brewer, D.O. at: sbrewer@buttechc.com. #32252

Central Washington Family Medicine Residency Program - Yakima, Washington

The Central Washington Family Medicine Residency Program (CWFMR), a service of Community Health of Central Washington, a funded Teaching Health Center, provides a rich experience for students seeking opportunities for service to rural and/or underserved populations. The program provides full spectrum Family Medicine training including OB, integrated behavioral health, osteopathic manipulation medicine, procedural training and inpatient medicine. CWFMR offers a four week sub-internship for fourth year students from U.S. LCME and Osteopathic accredited medical schools.

The sub-internship provides exposure to the clinic, the hospitals, and the community, emphasizing continuity of care and exposure to the common problems which present in the family medicine clinic. The busy inpatient experience serves a typical family medicine population of neonates, ante-partum and post-partum patients, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients. A typical experience includes inpatient shift work, morning and evening sign out, and teaching rounds with the Family Medicine Service plus outpatient clinics in our family medicine clinic. On the inpatient service, students are given primary responsibility for one to three patients depending on service volume and the acuity of patient illness. Students interested in the sub-internship, must complete a web base application at http://cwfmr.org/student-rotations/ #32263

Part-time - Harborview Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Spend time learning about common and unusual Occupational and Environmental injuries and illnesses in the Harborview Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic. We have half days available Mon-Wed, with didactics and a case conference on Thursday afternoons. Opportunities to visit workplaces in the region for assessment of occupational hazards are also possible. For more information, contact the University of Washington Occupational and Environmental Medicine program at: oemp@u.washington.edu #32247