UW NetID and Library Access


Directions for Clinical Faculty Access to UW restricted online resources is mediated by a system known as a “proxy”. How do I use the new Proxy?

  1. Click on the icon in any residency network page or use the Off-Campus Access link within Healthlinks
  2. Enter your UW NetID login and password

Note that the Off-Campus Access link now says You are Logged In and the address shown in your browser window includes “80” and "offcampus.lib" Do I have a UW NetID? You must have a clinical faculty appointment to be eligible for a UW NetID. Your UW NetID is your personal identification for using UW online resources. If you have a UW email address, your UW NetID appears as uwnetid@u.washington.edu. John Doe might have an email address of jdoe@u.washington.edu and UW NetID "jdoe". You only need to set up a UW NetID once. If you already created a UW NetID but forgot your password, reset your password online or call UW Computing directly at (206) 543-5970. How do I get a UW NetID? All UW HuskyCards (faculty / staff ID cards) printed after January 2002 include an Employee Identification Number (EID) on the front. The following web site will walk you through setting up a UW NetID, but you must know your EID before beginning: https://uwnetid.washington.edu/newid/ Hints for using the proxy

  • Use the forward and backward buttons on your browser to move around.
  • Do not use your Home button, your favorites or bookmarks.
  • When you go to an external resource (eg ejournal, textbook), a new window will open. Be sure to log out if needed and close that new window when you are finished with the resource. Return to the HealthLinks window to continue your session.
  • If you fall out of the offcampus proxy space and no longer see the special url or the You are Logged In message, then click on the Off-Campus Access link to re-enter.
  • At the end of your session, be sure to close your browser windows completely so that others cannot use your access.

For more information, read the New Proxy FAQ How do I get additional assistance?

Problems with a forgotten password (for those who once had a UW NetID)
Reset your password online or call UW Computing at (206) 543-5970
Problems with the UWNetID form
Call UW Computing at (206) 543-5970 - help@cac.washington.edu
To obtain your EID if it isn't printed on your Huskycard
Tiffany Jones, Network Administrator (206) 616-8151
Questions about libraries content, resources & access
Sarah Safranek, Information Management Librarian phone: (206) 543-3408