First Class Email & Conferencing System



The Department of Family Medicine and the Family Medicine Residency Network use FirstClass as their primary email and conferencing system.

FirstClass employs a server-client system. All email and conference information is stored on a central server, allowing you to access this information from anywhere you have internet access. We recommend that users install the FirstClass client software for best results. This software is free and available for download from the department's IT support page.

As an alternate method of accessing FirstClass, you may simply use your internet browser and click on the icon within all network web pages.

Conferences can be created and customized to meet your needs. Conferences are unlike email in that you must open a conference to view the information posted - which may include messages, images and other documents. Used effectively, FirstClass conferences are a powerful means to collaborate among targeted audiences within your site or across the network. Below are links to two of the most useful network-wide conferences. You will be asked for your user ID and password. Needless to say, you must be a member of the conference to access the information.

If you have any questions about your account or making the best use of FirstClass, please contact:

Paul Ford
(206) 685-4119