Simulation Training for UW FMRN Faculty


These 2-day sessions, held at Madigan Military Hospital's Andersen Simulation Center, focus on learning how to use medical simulators to teach residents and medical students various procedures, depending on the “theme” of the sessions. UW FMRN faculty will also learn how to use simulators to teach residents and students how to function as members of a team providing coordinated care in emergency situations. Themes will usually be one of the following: OB, trauma, adult life support, pediatric life support, or miscellaneous procedures (e.g. vasectomy, LP, joint injection). One faculty person per Network program per year may attend. If space permits, programs may send more than one faculty person. Training sessions always take place on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.

2015 Training Dates
January 27 & January 28: Adult Medicine Emergencies
April 21 & April 22: Trauma

For more information contact: Marcia McGuire at or 206-685-4119

Sample Schedule Day 1 (Tuesday PM):

Madigan faculty are teachers, UW FMRN faculty are learners (4 groups of 1-2 people).

10:30 AM: Meet at Southcenter/SeaTac hotel(s), carpool to Fort Lewis, and meet faculty host for main gate entry
12:00 PM: Lunch at Sim Center (~$10.00, please bring cash)
12:45 PM: Introduction to simulation sessions
1:00 PM: Faculty are learners and rotate among 4 simulation stations
2:00 PM: Self-directed training
4:00 PM: Wrap-up, evaluation, and planning for Wednesday
4:15 PM: Return to Southcenter/SeaTac hotel(s)

Day 2 (Wednesday AM):

UW FMRN and Madigan faculty are teachers, Madigan residents and medical students are learners (4 groups of 3 - 5 people).

6:30 AM: Meet at Southcenter/SeaTac hotel(s) and carpool to Fort Lewis
7:30 AM: Introduction to learning activities
8:00 AM: Residents and students rotate among simulation stations with faculty as teachers
11:30 AM: Wrap-up and evaluation
12:00 PM: Return to Southcenter/SeaTac