Organized in October of 1977 by former Chairman Dr. Theodore Phillips, the Research Section has flourished as one of the most productive family medicine research enterprises in North America. The department’s research efforts are focused primarily in four areas -- rural health, the health workforce, chronic disease, and medical education.

Section investigators have initiated additional independent research in areas such as the integration of mental health and primary care services, cancer screening and care, tobacco and alcohol control, sports medicine, and the effect of climate change on health.

The section offers research training through a two-year National Research Service Award fellowship, among other opportunities.

The mission of the Department of Family Medicine Research Section is to conduct research to improve patient care, medical education, population health, and public policy. We aim to improve the quality, effectiveness, accessibility and sustainability of primary care for all.

Our areas of study include rural health care, the health workforce, preventive services, care for patients with acute and chronic illnesses, access for the underserved, and the human and system resources needed to achieve these ends.

We work toward these goals through:

  • conducting research
  • developing methods
  • disseminating results
  • training future scientists, and
  • translating research into practice and policy.

Our work benefits from the perspectives and methods of our diverse team, which includes a spectrum of disciplines, professions, and people.