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Larry B. Mauksch, MEd
Senior Lecturer, Family Medicine
Family Medicine Residency
Family Medicine Research Section
Phone: (206) 598-6577

Biographical Information

Mr. Mauksch is trained as family counselor and as an educator. He has spent the last 28 years training medical students, residents, and practicing physicians in interviewing skills, team development, and the diagnosis and management of mental disorders in primary care. . He is the past chair of the Collaborative Family Health Care Association and of the Group on Physician Patient Interaction within the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

Teaching Interests & Roles

He is interested in helping physicians learn ways to use their time most effectively and efficiently. He is also interested in helping physician faculty become more effective teachers of behavhioral science skills, especially communication skills and primary care care counseling skills. He is the principle investigator and project direct of the Paired Observation and Video Editing (POVE) program, funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. The POVE project is disseminating this intensive curriculum to learning physician patient communication to 9 medical schools in the United States. He directs the Family Medicine Mental Health Internship in Collaborative Care.

Research Interests & Roles

Mr. Mauksch has studied how physicians learn communication skills; the impact on quality of care of integrating mental health and primary care services designs; care for the underserved because the prevalence of mental illness in low income primary care populations is very high; methods of system change to sustain quality improvement; and, faculty development in learning to teach communication skills.

Current Projects

Mr Mauksch is the project director to disseminate the Paired Observation and Video Editing (POVE) educational program. This program uses direct observation by peers combined with editing videos of one's clinical encounters to learn communication skills. It also will study how faculty learn and teach. Mr. Mauksch is a co-investigator and consultant through the center for Health Studies at Group Health Cooperative studying the integration of mindfulness, communications skills and team work to enhance quality of care for patients. He is studying the impact of integraing mental health services on the quality of care for a low income, uninsured primary care population.

Selected Publications

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