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Mary Catlin, MPH, BSN
Continuing Education Specialist
Family Medicine Research Section
Phone: 206-616-3961

Biographical Information

Mary Catlin MPH, BSN, BA is a Continuing Education Specialist IV in the Rural Health Research Section. Her work involves translating research into measurable changes in the health of populations with health disparities. She has worked in quality improvement, drug and device clinical trials, and communicable disease control. Sites of practice have included both domestic and international settings.

Teaching Interests & Roles

Teaching interests include international infection control and immunization programs.

Research Interests & Roles

Her interests include translating protocols into efficient research; translating research into safer and effective practice in resource scarce settings; changing prescribing practices, evaluating medical devices, conducting human factors analysis, and managing vaccine trials. She is currently chair for the Working Group on Safe Motherhood for the International Federation of Infection Control Societies, whose goal is to improve infection control in perinatal services of countries with high rates of maternal mortality.

Current Projects

Current projects include work on Project ROAM to reduce morbidity and mortality from prescription opioid drugs in Washington State, and work on Project Echo. This telemedicine project links rural primary care providers with UW specialists to provide mentored learning through case presentations of patients with pain, addiction and hepatitis C.

Selected Publications

(Publications focus on translating research into practice)

Catlin, M. Lead Author. Revised National Guidelines on Post-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV, HBV and Tetanus after Workplace Exposures and Sexual Assault. Ministry of Health and Social Services Namibia. 2010

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Galvan R, Buchanan I, Richmond K, Sanchez J, Catlin M, and MR Tam.
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Use of Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Syphilis in a Low Prevalence Setting in Rural Peru. Poster, ISSTDR Berlin, June 2001.

Giving Safe Injections. 2000. PATH. Lead author for team producing training manual. Translated into French, Hindi, Russian, and Burmese. Version with BD products distributed by BD.

Catlin, M. Adopting global vaccine management policies for national use. Written for PATH/WHO. Geneva. WHO/V&B/02.32. 2002.

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Co-author. WHO Health Assessment of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. WHO/HQ. September 5, 1997.

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AIDSCAP Project. Family Health International

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