ROAM Resources

Category Document Title Organization Year
Clinical Guidelines Enhanced Medication Assisted Treatment Yale 1999
Clinical Guidelines Management of Chronic Pain UW Northgate 2012
Clinical Guidelines Principles for More Selective and Cautious Opioid Prescribing Group Health Reseach Institute n/a
Pharmacy and Drug Information Drug Class Review on Long-Acting Opioid Analgesics OHSU--Helfand 2009
Physician Billing and Documentation Physician Billing for Office-Based Treatment of Opioid Dependence PCSS n/a
Patient Education Cognitive Distortions Burns, David D. MD. 1989
Patient Education Referral Guide for Low Coast and Sliding Scale Alternative Healthcare in the Seattle Area AHAC n/a
Patient Education Pain Medication Safety Guidelines in the Emergency Department WA State DOH 2009
Releases and Requests for Protected Information (incl Substance Use and ETOH) Confidentiality and the PDMP SAMSHA 2011
Screening Tools NIDA Modified Assist NIDA 2012