Kira BersantiKira Bersanti, grew up in Butte, Montana. She graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine. While a student there she participated in their rural track program and participated in a Department of Family Medicine research project on the provision of maternity care by rural Family Physicians. She also worked at a clinic serving children of single and underserved parents and as project leader teaching dog training and care with a local 4-H community program. During college at MSU, she was a volunteer with an international service learning group in Bozeman, working in clinics in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Belize.

Montana Family Medicine Residency


Billings Clinic

Committed to training family medicine physicians who will make a vital difference in the lives of our citizens and in our communities, emphasizing skills needed to practice in rural and remote areas

  • Offers residents the ability to experience various aspects of rural medicine as well as the opportunity to train in quality medical facilities
  • Serves a local population base of over 250,000 with two large referral hospitals
  • Wilderness medicine track and a Sports Medicine Fellowship
  • Located one hour from skiing and other recreational activities in the Beartooth Wilderness, and close to Yellowstone National Park, where residents have the opportunity to rotate through and moonlight at Mammoth Clinic.

8 Residency Positions Offered

at Billings


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Great People, Diverse Experiences

Billings residents and staff talk about the people at their program and the range of training opportunities available.