Family Medicine Residency of Idaho


West Boise Family Practice Medical Center

Mission: to enhance the health of the citizens of Idaho by providing family medicine resident physicians with three years of high quality education with a strong focus on the demands and opportunities of rural and underserved family medicine

  • Sponsored by four local hospitals
  • Main residency clinic and a specialty OB and pediatric clinic
  • Residents have increasing responsibilities in patient care, management of their own continuing education, and participation in the management of the Family Practice Medical Center
  • Training superb family medicine physicians in a stimulating and supportive environment
  • Emphasis in obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and surgical assisting
  • Watch FMRI Videos on YouTube

16 Residency Positions Offered

11 at Boise , 3 at Caldwell, 2 at Magic Valley

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Rural Track

Residency in Caldwell

"I was specifically attracted to the rural track in Caldwell because of the full scope of training that is offered. A call night here on the family medicine team can consist of pediatric, medicine and obstetric work. The 11 family doctors we train with are intelligent, caring and work hard to provide us the opportunities for learning that we are striving for. The hospital is a great plus with its small community feel..."