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FHL offers courses in the following four terms: Spring Quarter (10 weeks), Summer A Term (5 weeks), Summer B Term (5 weeks) and Autumn Quarter (10-11 weeks).

Students may attend a maximum of one course or program per term.

You may choose to apply to and attend just one term, or you may apply to and attend multiple terms at Friday Harbor Labs.
For each term for which you are applying, select one course as your First Choice and, if interested, another course as an alternate choice. Please leave entries blank if not needed.

IF YOU ARE APPLYING for the MARINE BIOLOGY QUARTER (in spring or autumn) in addition to this form, please submit a list of your course preferences via email to Bernadette Holthuis.

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If so, please download the Financial Aid Request form and e-mail it to
Diving under University auspices or on the premises is limited to scientific work required by a course or for a project which is approved by an instructor/supervisor. All diving must be conducted according to AAUS standards and permission arranged IN ADVANCE with a minimum of 6 weeks' notice. Please contact Pema Kitaeff, with questions or to start the process.
Do you plan to use SCUBA?     Yes      No

Students will normally be assigned to a double dorm room shared with one other person. You will not know your roommate until you arrive at FHL, but two people may request to room together by sending an email to Housing Coordinator Alisa Schoultz.

Sometimes single rooms or huts are available, at an additional cost of $200 per 10-week term or $100 per 5-week term. If available, would you like a private room or hut for the additional cost noted?    Yes      No
If Yes, you will be notified close to the start of the term if a single room is available for you.

OPTIONAL: Please indicate your race/ethnicity. This information will not affect FHL admission decisions nor financial aid awards from state funds, but it is helpful to FHL when seeking financial aid from non-state sources.
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