Helen R. Whiteley Center


For information concerning usefulness of the Center for your scholarly work, you may wish to contact one of the Administrative Committee

HRWC Coordinator: Kathy Cowell
Email: hrwctr@u.washington.edu
Telephone: 206-543-1484 or 360-378-2165;
FAX: 206-543-1273

    Dr. Robert Podolsky, Chairman of the Administrative Committee, Associate Professor of Biology. Grice Marine Laboratory, College of Charleston, 205 Fort Johnson, Charleston, SC 29412. podolskyr@cofc.edu

    Dr. Diana Behler, Professor Emeritus of Germanics and Comparative Literature. University of Washington. Box 353130. Seattle, WA. 98195-3130. behlerdi@u.washington.edu

    Dr. Billie J. Swalla, Professor of Biology, Director of Friday Harbor Laboratories. 620 University Rd. Friday Harbor, WA. 98250. bjswalla@u.washington.edu

    Dr. Carol Sibley, Professor, Genome Sciences. University of Washington. Box 357730. Seattle, WA. 98195-3560. sibley@uw.edu

    Dr. John Toews, Professor, Department of History. University of Washington. Box 353560. Seattle, WA. 98195-7730. toews@uw.edu

    Dr. Eugene Nester, Professor Emeritus, Department of Microbiology. University of Washington. Box 357242. Seattle, WA. 98195-7242. gnester@u.washington.edu

    Dr. Katherine Graubard, Research Professor Emerita, Department of Biology. University of Washington. Box 351800. Seattle, WA. 98195-1800. graubard@u.washington.edu

    Dr. Linda Bierds, Professor, Department of English. University of Washington. Box 354330. Seattle, WA. 98195-4330. lbierds@u.washington.edu