Helen R. Whiteley Center

The Studies

The Center consists of nine buildings on the Friday Harbor Laboratories campus, located along the shoreline on San Juan Island just north of Puget Sound.

The primary building is the H.R. Whiteley Study Building, comprised of four individual studies and a reading room or lounge.  The lounge, a place for interaction with other scholars from the Center and the Laboratories, has comfortable seating before a massive fireplace, connection by short paths with FHL's library and administration building, and views across the bay to Friday Harbor town and eastward across the channel to the Cascade mountains. 

Each of the four studies is suitable for individuals or small groups of collaborators.  Each is equipped with comfortable chairs, desks, tables, a fireplace and artwork.  All open out through sliding doors to decks and patios overlooking the harbor and thereby connect to trails along the shore and through the forest.  One is equipped with a piano. The studies are wired for ethernet connections to the internet.

The Center has seven fully equipped, one or two bedroom cottages described in the section on housing.

The naming of the studies may be of interest.

Mcfarlane Art Studio

The Macfarlane Art Studio, near the Study Building, is about 15 x 25 feet in size, heated and well lighted with natural and spectrum-balanced electric light. It can accomodate one or two artists at a time. Currently it is equiped with easels, drying racks, a sink, tables, adjustable chairs, and display boards. The Center's Coordinator welcomes applicants' suggestions of facilities or supplies that would improve the studio's utility for their work.