Friday Harbor Laboratories

Arthur Whiteley Oral History

Sharing his stories with Dennis Willows
Recorded May, 2011

Arthur Whiteley sat down with Dennis Willows for a few days in late May, 2011 to share his stories about his childhood, college days, the love of his life – Helen Riaboff Whiteley, his tenure at the University of Washington and Friday Harbor Laboratories. He also talked about the building of the Whiteley Center and his passion for conservation.

Arthur came prepared by writing a timeline of his life. Rather than a list of pages and pages of academic achievements, Arthur focused on the people and the places that were dear to him. As Arthur tells his stories to Dennis, you will find a certain precision in details and yet, a genuine ho-hum-ness regarding his many personal accomplishments. Both his keen sense of humor and unabashed frankness are sprinkled throughout the stories he tells. Download Arthur's Timeline (pdf)

An obituary written by Merrill Hille, Billie Swalla, Mineo Iwata, Patricia Morse, Lynn Riddiford and Richard Cloney is available here

Early Years

Young Adult

About Helen

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Friday Harbor Labs

Conservation Efforts

Whiteley Center

Arthur Whiteley's Oral History was generously funded and supported by members of the Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center Foundation Board, the San Juan Nature Institute, the Friday Harbor Labs Advancement Board and friends of Arthur Whiteley.

With great fondeness and admiration, Arthur's Oral History was recorded and documented by Vikky Dauciunas (