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Boating and Diving at FHL

Students, Researchers, and Visitors must contact the Boat Safety Officer (BSO) before using FHL rowboats or powerboats.

***All visitors, including field trips, must receive an in-person orientation before using the rowboats -- if you're wondering whether this applies to you, the answer is YES! Feel free to contact the BSO prior to your arrival to set up a short orientation on the dock.

***As of Jan 2012 we require that all users of FHL motorboats carry a WA state boater education card unless exempted by the State's age requirement. Contact the BSO for more information or about hiring a qualified boat driver to help you.

Persons needing to SCUBA dive must contact the Dive Safety Officer (DSO) and are advised to do so well in advance of their arrival at FHL. If you wish to snorkel while at the labs you must also meet with the DSO before planning your 'dive.'

Dive Safety Officer:   Pema Kitaeff
Boat Safety Officer:   Kristy Kull

The DSO/BSO office is in the dive house at the end of the dock

Phone: 206-543-0876 or 360-378-2165 x18

Download manuals, forms, and resources.

Boating and Diving

Float Plan.doc  /  Float Plan.pdf
FHL Boat and Dive Fees - updated for 2016; now including a dive facility fee
Boat/SCUBA Use Form

Diving Only

Boating Only

Snorkeling Regulations & Check-out Form Friday Harbor Labs Boat Manual
Boat Tender Check-out Common Boat Problems and Solutions
Dive Equipment Loan Form FHL Motorboats
Forms from EH&S FHL Boat Policy
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