Friday Harbor Laboratories

Contacts for various equipment

ITEM CONTACT PERSON (click to email)
Boats Kristy Kull
Centennial (Research Vessel) Kristy Kull
Chemical analysis (HPLC, etc) Jack Bell, Michelle Herko
Computers & Video Alan Cairns, Grant Schwinge
Confocal Microscope, MRC-600 Craig Staude
Diving Pema Kitaeff
Imaging Room Microscopes Craig Staude
MTS Material Property Tester Adam Summers
Molecular Analysis (Gels, etc) Billie Swalla
Neurophysiology Equipment Dennis Willows
Rapid Prototyper, Z-Corp Adam Summers
Scanning Electron Microscope and Critical Point Dryer Adam Summers
Transmission Electron Microscope Victoria Foe

Note that many items not on this list are available in the FHL Stockroom.

Contact Jeannie Meredith for Stockroom assistance.