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We often hear students say gratifying things about their experience at FHL:

"My time at Friday Harbor Labs was the most important experience of my university life."

"I learned about research by doing research with my own hands...the best way!"

"Friday Harbor Laboratories is a life changing experience."

Each year FHL attracts more than 125 scientists and more than 250 of the world's most promising students.

Distinguished scientists work side by side with students on problems in marine biology, ecology, biomedical models, and many other fields. Interdisciplinary research has fostered important new lines of inquiry that are now pursued around the world for example, photoproteins from jellyfish are used in muscle and heart research and in an effort to eliminate malaria, a disease that kills a child every 30 seconds.

Students at Friday Harbor Laboratories evolve! Most notice a sudden transition to treatment as peers by faculty, graduate students and technical people. They perceive FHL as a bridge, from undergraduate to graduate status. Numerous FHL discoveries have contributed significantly to our scientific knowledge, but in the end, FHL,s most important "products" are the people, the best and the brightest who develop their potential as students, teachers and researchers.

Friday Harbor Laboratories provides a life changing experience for many students each year. Along with these life-changing experiences, there will certainly be important scientific discoveries and new knowledge emerging from these students.

I hope that you will choose to make Friday Harbor Laboratories a life changing experience, by making your gift now. I assure you, gifts of any size to FHL make a difference.

Thank you,

A.O. Dennis Willows
Professor of Zoology and Director Emeritus
Friday Harbor Laboratories

P.S. Take a moment to think back and recall those people who have helped you along your way. And then remember that there were those who helped you who you didn't even know.

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