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Claudia Mills: Grand Duchess of Jellyfish

Scientists not done with whale carcass yet

Ocean researchers dive deeper into Puget Sound's acidification

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FHL figures prominently in IGERT Award for Ocean Change

Ocean Acidification Symposium, 2011

Paul Illg Distinguised Lectureship, 2011. Speaker: Dr. Sheila Patek

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NOAA boosts UW funding for ocean-science research

Frederick E. Ellis: 'Father of Shaw Island' and a tireless conservationist

Paul Illg Distinguised Lectureship, 2010. Speaker: Dr. Sonke Johnsen.

UW undergrads now routinely do research, study shows


GK-12's five-year mission: Bringing graduate student researchers and K-12 teachers together to benefit teaching

$2.2 million grant from Hughes institute will support UW biology education

Rats' underpants bring about human t-shirts, with a few laughs along the way

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Best and Brightest 2009: Richard Strathmann

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FHL Research leads to Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Under threat, sand dollar grows some small change

Cantwell, Inslee focus on increasing acidity of oceans at Seattle hearing

Sugar-coated sea urchin eggs could have sweet implications for human fertility

Outdoor Learning: Friday Harbor Laboratories

Paul Illg Distinguised Lectureship, 2008, Speaker: Dr. James Carlton


They drift, feed and reproduce — kind of our very own beach bums

Prior to 2000

Nature's Hallucinations -- Behold The Jellyfish, A Lesson In Beauty, Minimalism, Languor And Menace

Shedding Light -- On How Jellyfish Glow -- Calcium Is Creature's Inner Lamp

Paul Illg, Marine-Biology Teacher, Scientist And Lover Of All Nature"

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