Friday Harbor Laboratories

Researcher and Scholar Rates

For all costs, researchers and scholars should refer to our Standard Researcher Rates or, if paying expenses directly from a University of Washington budget, our UW Budget Researcher Rates. If you're unable to view theses files, download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software and try again.

Visiting groups should refer to our section on Conferences and Field Trips for information on group costs. Students enrolled in FHL courses or research apprenticeships can find information on Student Costs in the Students menu list.

Below is further explanation regarding some of the costs on our researcher rate sheets.

Housing & Bedding

The price for a housing unit includes pillows and blankets (not linens) for all beds. We offer optional bed kits, each consisting of a set of sheets for one bed plus a towel. If you wish to use our linens, we'll charge a weekly fee per kit, covering our weekly linen exchange. If you don't wish to use our kits (or exchange service), you may bring and wash your own linens and towels. Please notify the FHL Facilities Coordinator ( or Kathy Cowell (Whiteley Center, prior to your arrival if you don't plan to use FHL bed kits.


Apartments, cottages, duplexes, and grad dorms have kitchens stocked with essential cooking and dining utensils; standard dorms and huts do not. Those staying in units without kitchens must subscribe to Full Meal Plans in the Dining Hall. Those staying in kitchen units may either sign up for Full Meal Plans or purchase Regular Meal Cards (see below) to use for occasional meals when desired. We'll add charges for meal plans/cards to your housing bill.

Regular Meal Cards: To encourage people in kitchen units to participate at the Dining Hall, we issue Regular Meal Cards to those staying on campus for three or more days and not subscribing to the Full Meal Plan. For each professional researcher or scholar, we issue and charge for a card equivalent in value to two dinners per week. For each graduate student, we issue and charge for a card equivalent in value to one lunch per week. The cards may be used toward any food or beverage in the Dining Hall.

If you are not on a Full Meal Plan, be sure to sign up for meals 24 hours in advance, so kitchen staff can plan for extra meal(s). You may use your Regular Meal Card or a credit/debit card for payment in the Dining Hall.

Conference and field trip organizers should contact Laurie Spaulding ( to arrange for meals ahead of time, and discuss menus and rates. Students enrolled in FHL classes or research apprenticeships can find their dining costs for the duration of their classes under Student Costs.

Facilities Use and Laboratory Fees

Researchers, Scholars, and Guests (see below) will be charged a Facilities Use Fee unless they are students or have a lab space (the charge for which covers the Facilities Use Fee).


During quiet periods on campus, we sometimes have extra housing units available to accommodate visitors who are not coming as Researchers or Whiteley Scholars, but as Guests of staff, researchers, scholars, or students at FHL. All such visitors will be charged the Guest rate and a Facilities Use Fee for their housing units.

Boat and Diving Fees

For details, refer to our page on Boating and Diving Fees.