What visiting researchers have had to say about their experience(s) at FHL

"It (FHL) advanced my career in the sense that I can represent marine science from first-hand experience to students and at institutions that might not otherwise appreciate it."

"Most of success in my research careers was possible because I was introduced and have practical experience working at the diversity of marine organisms at FHL."

"FHL provided the affordable resources and facilities absolutely required to make discoveries and longer term work needed to permit a career of continuous, generous NSF and NIH supported independent research."

"It was instrumental in firing a desire to do research. At different career stages FHL provided a stage for research, a place to find talented minority graduate students, a summer teaching venue and a writing home."

"Being at FHL even for a short time as a PhD student set me up for life. I developed a network of peers that were at the same career stage and these people have continued to be important colleagues and collaborators 20+ years on - These associations were key in advancing my career, connecting to postdoc opportunities and establishing research collaborations."

"… an appreciation of the marine and intertidal environments and a broader and more synthetic perspective of biology generally and natural history particularly - the experiences increased my appreciation of the marine and intertidal environment. Approximately one-half of the peer-reviewed publications were based on research that involved the FHL."

"The instructors and researchers I met at FHL became the basis of my professional network, and their contacts and reference letters led me to my first job as a research assistant, my graduate program, and my postdoctoral work."

"The quality and excitement of the students, instructors, and broader intellectual community at FHL are a continual source of inspiration. I have taught a variety of field courses, primarily at three west-coast marine labs, and FHL is, by several orders of magnitude, the most interesting, welcoming, and inspiring of them all."

"The outstanding faculty, training and contacts-both national and international- opened up opportunities that led to a highly successful career as researcher... When the opportunity arose to develop and direct a new marine laboratory…, I used the Friday Harbor Laboratories as the best possible model."

"It greatly facilitated all aspects of my career. It is still the best place in the world for me to conduct my research. I probably wouldn't have a career without FHL. I did much of my graduate work there, took courses that impacted my research and teaching, did my only post-doc there, and have done most of my significant research there."

"The entire FHL experience is unique: from the incredibly knowledgeable faculty to the always helpful staff to the wonderful research colleagues and collaborators to the lively students plus the physical location and ability to quickly obtain and care for research animals. All these make FHL the top marine lab in the US."

"My experiences at FHL have been some of the greatest experiences in my life, both professionally/educationally, and personally. It is the standard by which I judge all marine Labs."

"…my FHL experiences have been absolutely formative in my career. From working there and interacting with other FHL scientists, I have learned an enormous amount about how to do science, how think about the world, and how to communicate science."

"…my time spent at FHL gives me recognition & common ground among a large & diverse group of colleagues. The NSF funded research I am conducting now grew out of my dissertation research at FHL, and the proposal itself featured preliminary research carried out as a visiting investigator …provided and continues to provide a rich and supportive intellectual community."

"At FHL, people who barely knew me were interested in and excited about what I was doing and that was very validating coming from an institution that does not do a good job of telling its faculty what they do well - This community support/validation is an extremely important aspect of FHL that I hope will be preserved and nurtured in the years to come."

"…a setting where I came to know and be known by the current and future leaders in the field. It has allowed me to do research over the years – in all cases I have appreciated how much I can get done at the labs and at the same time take part in the social interactions that are woven through the academic fabric."

"Most of my major scientific discoveries originated from my course work and research at FHL. Interactions with other researchers and students helped me learn interdisciplinary work and thinking."

"FHL…allowed me to explore biology independently, but not in isolation, in a community of supportive and engaged biologists. Stockroom and common-use equipment allowed me to try tons of stuff that I couldn't have afforded to do at a less-well equipped place."

"The students in my fish class are responsible for a substantial percentage of the research I have published and were the key instigators of many good ideas."

"FHL also provided an environment in which many splendid graduate students (and …undergrads) and post-docs became interested to add their research enterprise to my lab and this was/is invaluable."

"FHL gets credit for just about all of the successes in my career."

"Helped me select my life-long area of research; provided an excellent teaching facility and outstanding students; great research facilities that led to interesting results and publications."

"An outstanding opportunity to meet past and future collaborators in a relaxed environment … A unique opportunity to conduct research on species that I normally do not have access to … Hands-on experience in terms of how other researchers carry out their experiments, analyse data etc. - The stuff I learned/experienced at FHL has opened many doors for me!."

"My whole career is based upon work done at FHL. This includes 28 years if college teaching and about 70 publications on marine invertebrates."

"Working at FHL fundamentally shaped my thinking about biology. It provided a broad interdisciplinary view of biology, and an awareness of the diversity of organisms, that I do not think I would have been able to get elsewhere. My experiences there continues to shape my research goals and methods more than do my experiences at any other institution, even those institutions at which I spent much more time."

"…the embryology course was a real eye-opener, and I think in my case it obviously had a lasting effect on my career since ten years later I was teaching the same course, and doing world-leading research using marine invertebrate embryos (rather than frogs and fruitflies) that I first learned to work with in the FHL courses."

"Almost all of my discoveries (before and after my PhD) were made at FHL - Teaching apprenticeships was also an invaluable experience. FHL was an integral part of my scientific career."

"Thanks to the diversity of marine life, I had first hand exposure to virtually all important taxa, facilitating my teaching of inverts as required in my first (and only) job -- which I probably got largely because of my experiences at FHL."

"It provided me with inspiration, motivation, and opportunity to do high impact research. FHL set my academic compass for a lifetime."

"FHL introduced me to a scientific community that shared my research interests and provided a supportive atmosphere that encouraged the exchange of ideas."

"I hold FHL up as the ideal place for scientific inquiry - a place where exceptional natural resources are supported by friendly and knowledgeable staff and a commitment to supporting students that makes FHL accessible to all."

"It (FHL) has pretty much been the making of my career. Here I found a passion first for embryology then for microscopy and modeling, I met my PhD supervisor and later both my nominal post-doc supervisor and my practical one, as well as many many colleagues I keep up with at meetings."

"…for me FHL has been pivotal. Both in terms of classes, research and teaching - experiences here have shaped my path in terms of which organisms and subjects I work with - also, seeing FHL on my CV has frequently made the difference between my being offered work on a project or not and lent credence to my writing/editing work …."

"FHL has been integral to my development as a researcher and scientist. My research interests have been supported and fostered by the amazing setting of FHL and by the wonderful folks that live and work at the labs. The courses are excellent and are taught with passion and an infectious enthusiasm that is unforgettable. I feel fortunate to have been a part of such a warm and productive community."

"Not least of all, in the rat-race of academia, FHL provides a refuge where love of science, an exciting academic environment and a pleasant, helpful atmosphere come together. The system has maintained a relaxed feeling that encourages faith in researchers, comaraderie and thus extensive collaboration…."

"The pantheon of stars that gave that course ( at FHL) was unbelievable, all of the modern founders in the US and Europe of the field came through! When I returned to teach the same subject about a decade later, I found the teaching experience to be the most stimulating of my entire teaching career. I am afraid nothing since has exceeded that summer."