Friday Harbor Laboratories

Teaching an FHL Course

For instructors who would like to offer a class at FHL

If you are interested in offering a class at the Friday Harbor Laboratories, please discuss ideas for proposed courses with the Director ( or Associate Director for Academics ( as soon as possible, and send a written proposal in the format provided below by April 30th. Proposals should be submitted for the following calendar year (not academic year). Applications will be reviewed by the FHL Advisory Committee. For classes that require a longer lead time, proposals may be submitted 2 years in advance.

To apply, please e-mail the following application elements to Megan Dethier by April 30:



The FHL Academic Advisory Committee will be looking for indications that the proposed course is fundamental and important to the education of students who are likely to become professional leaders in marine science nationally. Also, truly innovative courses, i.e., those likely to put together people and ideas that yield fresh thinking and understanding across disciplines are eagerly sought out. Because of the demand for FHL facilities, courses (even very important ones) that can be taught equally well or better elsewhere, are likely to receive a lower priority.

Please note that four courses are taught each summer on a regular basis (invertebrate zoology, comparative invertebrate embryology, marine algae, fish biology). If you wish to teach or co-teach these courses, or put a particular "slant" on one of them, please contact Billie or Megan to see if and when there are openings. The same applies for courses in our spring and fall programs.