Friday Harbor Laboratories

Emergency and Safety Information

In the event of an emergency, call 911.

In response to FHL’s emergency horn:

  1. Leave the lab or housing unit ASAP.
  2. Check on your neighbors to make sure they are also leaving.
  3. Meet in the Fernald parking lot.  Check in with the Evacuation Director and await further instructions. 

In the event of a campus-wide emergency (earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, etc.), all FHLers must congregate in the main parking lot adjacent to Fernald Laboratory.  Everyone should inform their neighbors of the emergency.  The emergency siren on Lab 10 will sound when an emergency is imminent or underway.  If you see an unreported emergency, please call 911 first and then notify the FHL Office (360-378-2165 x0), or if after hours, the FHL Caretakers (360-298-0220).

These emergency response procedures will be used 12 months of the year, day or night, whether courses are in session or not.

Upon gathering in the parking lot, the Evacuation Director (Billie Swalla or Michelle Herko) will:
(a) apprise people of the problem and the response plan,
(b) collect information from FHL residents about missing persons and the extent of the problem, and
(c) make preparations for evacuation from campus if appropriate.  If classes are in session, students should gather with faculty and TAs/RAs in the parking lot.

Emergency Response Roles:

The maintenance crew will be the Emergency Response Team.  They will go to site of the emergency and undertake appropriate direct responses, e.g. fight smaller fires, turn off propane or water valves (post-earthquake to prevent flooding), assist evacuation, or other appropriate responses.

Faculty & students:  gather and remain in Fernald parking lot until released or otherwise assigned.

Visiting and resident scientists:  gather and remain in Fernald parking lot until release or otherwise assigned.

FHL staff:  gather in Fernald parking lot and be ready to assist.

NOTE:  for a localized emergency (e.g. fire limited to one structure, chemical spill), this large-scale emergency plan might not be invoked.

The following Building Wardens will assess problems and facilitate evacuation of residents of their areas of responsibility:

Fernald Bldg Alisa Schoultz
Whiteley Center & Housing Jeff Bronstein
Lab 1 to 8 Megan Dethier
Labs 9-10 and Computer Lab Bern Holthuis
Dock & Centennial Kristy Kull
Dining Hall Laurie Spaulding, Megan Connelly, Rachel Anderson
Labs 11 & 12 Rebecca Guenther
Apartments - A & B blocks Mackenzie Gerringer
Dorm O, Trailer, and Cottages I, J, M, N & Lecture Hall Zander Fodor
Director's House Billie Swalla
‘Bunny Lawn’ Cottages (E, F, G, K, L) , Cottages A, B, D and Duplex C Brent Hughes
Dorm P & Q and Duplexes R, S, & T, & Laundry building Morgan Eisenlord
Student Dorms A,B,C, Commons, and Huts Pema Kitaeff

More detailed Safety Information is available here: